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Department of English Language and Literature

An open copy of the novel "The Baroque Cycle" by Neal Stephenson.

Majors and Minors

The English major offers four tracks: general, intensive, writing concentration, and secondary education. The department also offers a minor, if you want to enhance your major in another department, to expand your abilities and open up new opportunities after graduation.

The English Major

The English department offers four major tracks, each leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree. All students are assigned an advisor and will have a meeting before the beginning of each term.

All English majors take two sophomore-level prerequisites: ENGL 287, American Literature, and ENGL 288, English Literature I. Majors then complete 30-42 hours at the 300-500 level.

Courses on the 300-level are broad-based studies of literary movements and topics, while 400-500-level courses include more specialized, in-depth studies of specific authors and periods, as well as courses in writing, film, critical theory, and linguistics.

We offer a general major, which assures a broad knowledge of literary and cultural studies, plus skills in writing and critical analysis. The intensive major is designed for students planning to pursue graduate studies in English, includes a senior seminar or thesis. The writing concentration is tailored for students who are interested in creative or professional writing. The secondary education major will prepare students to enter an MT or MAT program and teach English at the secondary level.


Speech Communication and Rhetoric Minor 

A minor in Speech Communication & Rhetoric is a ideal course of study for students interested in politics, philosophy, literature, law, business and public advocacy.

Our minor is a rigorous and flexible way to help develop your skills in argumentation, public advocacy, and ethical communication. The program is a great complement to any student interested in politics, philosophy, literature, law, businesses and public advocacy.