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The College of Arts and Sciences offers a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies for students who want to concentrate in a field--such as Southern Studies--outside of the established departmental majors and interdepartmental degree programs. Within the broad guidelines established by the College of Liberal Arts, participants in the program complete an individualized plan of study developed in consultation with advisers in Southern Studies.

Declaring a B.A.I.S

The Southern Studies program actively helps interested students comply with the B.A.I.S. enrollment procedures administered by the Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. These procedures are summarized as follows in the Undergraduate Studies Bulletin:

1. The candidate shall apply to the associate dean for declaration of an interdisciplinary studies program.
2. The candidate must submit to the associate dean a written statement of goals concerning a potential interdisciplinary studies program.
3. The associate dean will help the candidate formulate an Interdisciplinary Program Committee, which shall consist of not less than four faculty members from the student's areas of interdisciplinary interest. The members of the Interdisciplinary Program Committee shall be appointed by the associate dean, who will designate one member as chair and as the student's academic adviser.
4. The Interdisciplinary Program Committee shall meet with the student and prepare a program of studies leading to the B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies. This program shall include a written justification for the specific program of studies designed with the student. The committee shall approve any chances in the student's program.
5. The candidate's academic adviser shall advise the student each semester and shall sign the necessary registration and other forms. Advisement shall adhere to the student's approved program of studies. The academic advisor shall consult with the Interdisciplinary Program Committee for approval should deviation from the original program become necessary or advisable. All changes shall be registered with the associate dean.
6. The College Interdisciplinary Studies Advisory Committee shall review and give final approval to individual programs of interdisciplinary studies.
Program Requirements
Candidates for the B.A.I.S. degree must satisfy the General Education requirements established by the College of Arts and Sciences and relevant degree requirements of the University. The general framework established by the College of Arts and Sciences for the major field of study provides that the program must include at least 36 semester hours of credit in courses numbered 300 or above and in two or more fields. As in departmental majors, no courses submitted in fulfillment of the General Education requirements may also be counted toward the program requirements in Southern Studies. No more than fifteen hours of credit in independent study courses may be applied to the program requirements in Southern Studies.
For More Information
Students interested in the B.A.I.S. program in Southern Studies should contact Matt Simmons at

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