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Call for Applications and Funding

Become part of the AJI community and make an application or request funding. Below you will find information about how to get your book manuscript read by experts, travel to exotic interdisciplinary conferences, develop your research profile through professional meetings, and make friends over a free meal!

Ann Johnson Institute Call for Book Manuscript Workshop

The Ann Johnson Institute (AJI) for Science, Technology and Society at the University of South Carolina welcomes applications for a one-day book manuscript workshop to be held in the Winter/Spring Term 2023

This workshop is targeted towards individuals at any career stage who have not previously published a monograph. We are happy to consider individuals with or without publishing contracts. The successful applicant will have a first-time book manuscript near completion at the time of applying. He or she will invite, and the AJI will fund, up to three senior experts in the author’s field. A small group of relevant experts within the South Carolina community may also attend.

The purpose of this workshop is to support stronger and more rigorous manuscripts from first-time STS authors. Equally, it is geared toward developing communities of colleagues from different disciplines and geographical locations. The AJI is committed to building such communities from the bottom up, seeding them and positioning them to question and reframe complex problems. The AJI takes a broad approach to STS, envisioning it in partnership with historical, philosophical, scientific, engineering and medical approaches, because at the AJI community is the method.

Workshop format

  • The successful applicant will be expected to deliver a full draft of their manuscript to all workshop participants no later than one month before the workshop convenes
  • During the workshop five hours will be devoted to a chapter-level discussion of the manuscript, with a break in the middle for lunch
  • There will be a notetaker and moderator for the duration of the workshop
  • The workshop will end with a dinner
  • Invited experts will provide written feedback to the author after the workshop, this feedback will take the form of a manuscript review from a university press


The deadline for submissions is 1 March 2022. Please apply via email to with “AJI book manuscript workshop” in the subject heading. In the attachment to your email, please include:

  • Short CV
  • One-page description of the book project, including its current stage of development
  • Four to five names of senior experts to invite, please include their rank, University or home department, their field/specialty, and briefly why you would like to invite them (two sentences)


The AJI recognizes that attending cross-disciplinary conferences and meetings is often vital to the development of interdisciplinary collaborations, as well as the foundational work of understanding and integrating into a second discipline. Yet funding for cross-disciplinary conferences may be difficult to source. The AJI supports both humanists and scientists who wish to attend a cross-disciplinary conference. We support cross-disciplinary conferences and meetings broadly with the STS disciplines. For instance, a graduate student in history may wish to attend an engineering conference; a philosophy graduate student may be invited to present a paper at a public health meeting.

·      Funding is offered on a competitive basis

·      Applications are accepted on a rolling basis

·      Applications should be made no less than one month before anticipated travel

Funding for cross-disciplinary travel grants are offered on a competitive basis at any time during the year. To apply please email the below information to with “Graduate Travel Grant” in the subject heading.

·      Short CV

·      One-page description of how the conference will support your interdisciplinary work. We are particularly interested in how attending this conference or meeting may build or sustain an interdisciplinary community, or lay the groundwork for one by helping you integrate yourself into this discipline. Please include name of conference, location and dates.

·      Budget

Reading groups are an excellent way to build and sustain communities. The AJI supports reading groups by providing resources that will enhance participation. These resources can be used, for instance, to buy lunches for participants, or if a reading group meets at a coffee shop funding might be used to pay for teas and coffees. We are open (and eager) to hear creative suggestions about how AJI can help build community through regularly meeting reading groups.

·      Applications are due May 1 2022 for funding to begin August 2022

·      Reading groups must meet regularly throughout the academic year

·      Funding is provided on an annual basis, and must be renewed each year

To apply please email the below information to with “Reading Group Funding” in the subject heading.

·      One-page description of the reading group, including how often it will meet, a few examples of the kind of work that will be read, and list of who will attend.

·      Budget

·      Budget justification explaining how funding will enhance participation (one paragraph)

The AJI believes that the best collaborations begin when individuals enjoy one another. AJI sponsors approximately six faculty-student or faculty-faculty meals--Meet and Eat--every month from August-April. Although lunch is the most common outing, we also support meetings over breakfast, morning coffee, or dinner. Groups can range from 2 to 6 people. Reimbursement follows UofSC budgeting rules.

Requesting funds is easy. Simply email with the subject line “Meet and Eat”. Include how many people will be meeting, where and when you are going, and the approximate cost. No need for a formal budget. Here is an example request:

Hi Leah and Allison,
I'l like to meet with John Doe for lunch at Immac this week. I think it'll cost around $24.

The AJI supports interdisciplinary collaborations by supporting professional meetings and workshops on themes within science, technology and society. We are particularly interested in endeavors that are creatively risky or otherwise difficult to secure traditional funding. This funding is open to those within and outside the UofSC community.

Email with the subject line “Professional Meeting Request” to pitch us an idea.





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