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Department of Anthropology

Linguistic Anthropology

Spring 2020

ANTH 371.001 / Ethnography of Communication

Professor: Loralee Donath

(3 credits) 

Fulfills the Linguistic Requirement for the Anthropology Major;

and INT (Integrative) Requirement 

Graduation with Leadership Distinction: Professional & Civic Engagement 

Course Readings:


Course Description:   

Ethnographic analysis of communication in human groups and institutions.

 ANTH 391.001 / Special Topics: Teaching English Abroad

Professor: Sherry Warren

(3 credits) 

Fulfills the Linguistics Requirement for the Anthropology Major 

Cross-listed with LING 395 

Course Readings:

Please go to the USC Bookstore to find what books you will need for this course: 

Course Description:

Teaching English Abroad engages students in hands-on English language teaching (ELT) activities and experiences with English Language Learners. The course provides students with the background knowledge and practical tools they need so that they will be well equipped to succeed in their ELT adventures.

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