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Department of Anthropology

Biological Anthropology

Spring 2020

ANTH 366.001 / Medicine, Disease and Slavery

Professor: Carlina de la Cova

(3 credits) 

Fulfills the Biological Requirement for the Anthropology Major;

and INT (Integrative) Requirement


Carolina Core – GSS 

Cross-listed with AFAM 365

Course Readings:

Please go to the USC Bookstore to find what books you will need for this course: 

Articles on Blackboard 

Course Description:

The goal of the course is to provide an interdisciplinary understanding of the health of enslaved African Americans during the nineteenth century by focusing on the conceptions, experiences, and dynamics of the relationship between slaves, medicine, healing, and their masters in the Antebellum American South.  Through readings, discussions, and lectures, emphasis will be placed on the following issues: the health and disease of enslaved African Americans, the imagined and experienced relationship between black health and white health, gender and its effects on health and medicine among enslaved African Americans, and the intersection of spiritual, naturalistic, and magical discourses with issues of slave health.

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