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College of Arts and Sciences

Summer Semester

Summer 2022 is your opportunity to thrive. Hundreds of courses online or in person will help you build new skills and get on the fast track to graduation.

Earn a minor in one summer

A minor can strengthen your resume and allow you to dive deep into that subject that's become your passion. In 2022, we're offering three minors that you can earn in one summer - a minor program, but a major accomplishment. 

Check out the options below, and talk to your advisor to get registered.

A minor in criminal justice prepares you to understand criminal behavior in order to protect victims and help get offenders on a better track. 

You can earn this minor all online with the following courses: 


Required Courses

CRJU 101
The American Criminal Justice System (online) 
Select two of the following:  
CRJU 311
Policing (online)
CRJU 313
Criminal Courts (online)
CRJU 341
Sociology of Crime (online)

Select two additional Criminal Justice courses at the 300-, 400- or 500- level

CRJU 351
Juvenile Delinquency (online) 
CRJU 420
Analyzing Homicide (online) 
CRJU 422
Alternatives to Incarceration 
CRJU 426
Criminal Justice and Mental Health
CRJU 430
Communities and Crime
CRJU 491
Special Topics
CRJU 554
Women and Crime

Strengthen your brain and your resume! A psychology minor teaches you how people think and develop, something useful in any career.

You can earn this minor online, but you also choose from in-person courses. 

Required Course  
PSYC 101
Introduction to Psychology (Available online)
Elective Courses  
Select three of the following:  
PSYC 400
Survey of Learning and Memory (Available online)
PSYC 405
Cognitive Psychology (Available online)
PSYC 410
Behavioral and Mental Disorders 
PSYC 420
Survey of Developmental Psychology (Available online)
PSYC 430 
Survey of Social Psychology (Available online)

Select an additional two courses from PSYC 200 and above

PSYC 432
Men and Masculinities
PSYC 455
Introduction to Neuroscience
PSYC 465
Health Psychology
PSYC 520
Psych of Child Development

Understanding how government works here in the U.S. and abroad prepares you to be a leader enacting social change.  

Required Course  
POLI 201
American National Government (online)

Additional Electives

POLI 304
Contemporary Political Theory
POLI 360
American Political Parties
POLI 449
International Relations of Africa
POLI 463
The American Chief Executive
POLI 483
Middle East Politics


Get ahead in pre-med

More than 130 courses this summer can help you fulfill pre-med requirements. Just a few options are below, but talk to your advisor for the full list.

BIOL 101 Biological Principles I (online)
CHEM 322 Analytical Chemistry (online)
PHYS 201 General Physics I (online)
STAT 205 Elem Stats for Biol & Life Sci (online)
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology (online)
SOCY 101 Introductory Sociology (online)
CLAS 230 Med & Scientific Terminology (online)
HIST 108 Science & Tech in World History (online)
WGST 113 Women's Health (online)



Do more Carolina Core

Summer is a great time to knock out Carolina Core classes to speed your way to graduation - and let you focus on your major during the fall and spring semesters.

Here are a few options:

ENGL 102 Rhetoric and Composition (online)
HIST 105 Intro-East Asian Civilization (online)
FAMS 300 Film and Media History (online) 
GEOG 121 Globalization & World Regions (online)
RELG 270 Religion & the Arts (online) 
DANC 101 Dance Appreciation (online)
SPCH 145 Online Public Communication (online)
CPLT 150 Values & Ethics in Literature (online)
MATH 141 Calculus I (online)
STAT 110  Intro to Statistical Reasoning (online)


Learn a Language

Brush up on a romance language before a romantic summer getaway, or prepare for a future trip overseas. Or, just knock out your Carolina Core language requirements. Here are just a few options.

FREN 109 Beginning French I
FREN 122 Basic Proficiency in French
LATN 109 Beginning Latin I
SPAN 109 Beginning Spanish I
GERM 109 Beginning German I
GERM 110 Beginning German II
ITAL 121 Elementary Italian 
ITAL 122 Basic Proficiency in Italian
JAPA 121 Elementary Japanese
JAPA 122 Basic Proficiency in Japanese

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