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College of Arts and Sciences

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Departments and Schools


We work together with other university departments, international programs and private sector teams. Working together is what makes us human.

Biological Sciences

Biological science is constantly changing, which is why we provide student research opportunities in a diverse array of fields from cancer to climate change.

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Work shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the best scientists in the country to push the boundaries of chemistry and biochemistry.

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Solving crime today means understanding why a crime occurs and what that crime means to society.

School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment

The environmental challenges of modern society are many. Our mission is to achieve an understanding of the Earth through research, and to convey that understanding through education and outreach. 

English Language and Literature

Through literature, writing, rhetoric and linguistics, our program will give you the communication, creativity and collaboration skills vital to 21st-century careers.


Much more than maps, the study of geography impacts business, the environment and how we interact with the world around us.


Our historical sites and research libraries offer a unique view of history. Gain a broad world view with a particular emphasis on the rich story of the South.

Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Language is more than words and translations. We believe in embracing the art, the films and the way of life that make up different cultures.


More than mere technical expertise, our programs include research, service and interdisciplinary studies.


Creating real-world, problem-solving tools is one of the ways we apply the study of philosophy to modern life. If you can learn to think, you can learn to do most anything.

Physics and Astronomy

Recognized worldwide for cutting edge work in experimental and applied physics, our program is more than theoretical. Students leave here prepared to compete in the job market.

Political Science

Whether it’s a step toward law school or the beginning of a career in public administration, our program is designed to create the leaders of tomorrow.


Led by nationally recognized faculty members, psychology students learn both the theoretical and practical aspects of this critical science.

Religious Studies

The role of religion is growing larger and larger as part of the new world view. Learning how different religions work and interact is a vital part of understanding our world.


Bringing people together is a complicated business. We help students understand interactions from a variety of perspectives. Justice, crime, poverty and even sports.


Data plays a huge role in our lives. In addition to studying the science of data, students work with our statistical consulting laboratory providing advice to government, industry and academia.

Theatre and Dance

In addition to world-class productions and a major dance company, our program includes critical studies, theatre culture and tracks to prepare the next generation of theatre and dance instructors.

School of Visual Art and Design

Immerse yourself in in the study of media production, art and design. Our comprehensive programs will advance your creative and professional practice and help you launch a dynamic career in the visual arts.

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.