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Green Quad

  • Allie Mason

    Dirt and sunshine

    Allie Mason came to the University of South Carolina to study marine biology, but a few semesters locked in a lab led her to discover something important about herself. She needed sunshine a lot like a plant.

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  • Kiana Alexander

    "Since becoming a student here at USC, Laura and Joe have been integral in helping me find my place here in the Green community. Recently I've been applying for scholarships and summer employment. Laura is the first person I go to for interview tips or when I need help polishing a resume. Joe has been such a great mentor this year, he is always there to lend an ear and offer advice."
    Kiana Alexander

  • Ashley Bodner

    "I have always been told to travel while I was young, so going to Iceland (a safe island with little risk of anything bad happening) seemed like the perfect fit for my first international trip! Iceland usually isn't a country I think of when I think sustainability, but after some research about the island's history and their use of hot springs as thermal energy, I realized yet again that it's a perfect fit. I'm not one to enjoy the cold, but I know this trip will be worth every layer of clothing because I'll have gained such an amazing experience and hopefully some new friends!"
    Ashley Bodner

  • William Hargett

    "Getting open mic set up in Green Quad was a bit of an experience, because I'm an introvert and doing this would obviously require me to put myself out there. But with Audrey's help, this has turned into a really awesome thing we're doing. Being able to express yourself is so important, and this is one of the ways I'm able to do so, and I encourage anyone to do the same. It doesn't matter if you only know 1 chord- come play that chord and have a great time doing it. It doesn't matter if you're tone deaf- come sing with us and meet some great new people. It's much more than bringing the music scene to Green Quad, it's about coming together and making memories."
    William Hargett

  • Lindsay Cooper

    "As a Freshman, Green Quad gave me the opportunity to intern with Sustainable Carolina which has given me so many opportunities. I have learned so many things about living and working sustainably. Working in the Garden has taught me so much about not only gardening but the impact locally grown and healthy foods have on the environment and the local community. Being able to work on projects with a team has given me confidence in working with others as well as improved skills that I can take with me into my future career. I would suggest working with the wonderful team at Sustainable Carolina to every student here at USC."
    Lindsay Cooper

  • No Impact Man

    USC's 'no impact man'

    OK, not just anyone can tend to hogs, chickens and goats in the morning and incorporate that experience into a classroom lecture later the same day.

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