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Green Quad

About Green Quad

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Meet the GQ Team

We are your go-to people on campus. During your time in Green Quad you'll meet with us and talk about what you want to get out of your experience at Carolina. Our goal is to have you leave Green Quad with the confidence and know-how to influence your peers and impact our world!

JOE JONES |  803-777-2093 | Set up an appointment with Joe >>
Joe is our Faculty Principal, aka the world's coolest professor. He's here to help you connect to your faculty and find research opportunities on campus. If ever you need academic advice, Joe's your guy. Also, he likes to bring his goat to campus. I mean, who wouldn't?

LAURA MAAS |  803-777-8712 | Set up an appointment with Laura >>
Laura's your Assistant Principal, which is just a fancy title. She's here to help you plan for your future, ace your classes, and get involved with cool stuff on campus and in the community. Think of her as your coach - whenever you need something, she's got your back. Students love their "life coaching with Laura" sessions.

MARISSA RUSSO |  727-249-9803 | Set up an appointment with Marissa >>
Marissa is the Graduate Assistant for GQ and is your go-to gal for just about anything. You'll like her the most - she's witty, caring, and will have your back throughout the year. She's a recent grad from UCF (but we won't hold that against her) and is getting her Master's here at USC. She lives in GQ and is a rock star - so be sure to get to know her!

AUDREY JONES  |  803-777-4353
Audrey is our Business Manager and rock. She manages the Learning Center and can help you with pretty much anything you need. She's also our resident musician and makes instruments from recycled materials! Ask her for good day trip ideas, she's so fun and knows SC like the back of her hand.

AMANDA WILLIAMS |  803-777-1985
Amanda is the Area Coordinator of South Campus and mastermind of Green Quad. She oversees the Resident Mentors and monitors the day-to-day operations throughout the building. Incredibly supporting and understanding, you can go to Amanda for anything! She's also really into boxing and totally winning life.

Our Community

The Green Quad is a sustainable living-learning community that seeks to connect and develop students and build a rich community in which students can enhance their sustainability knowledge and habits. Green Quad students will leave with the confidence and know-how to influence their peers and impact their world.

Through rich partnerships across all divisions of the University and throughout our community, the Green Quad strives to be a national model for sustainable living-learning programs from which students leave with the knowledge and confidence to make a lasting impact on their world.


  1. LIVE GREEN: Provide opportunities to build community among residents to enhance overall effectiveness of Green Quad programming.
  2. LEARN GREEN: Provide sustainability centered programs, conversations, and opportunities to advance the knowledge and habits of Green Quad residents.
  3. LEAD GREEN: Provide opportunities to connect students to organizations, individuals, and opportunities across campus and develop their personal and professional skills.


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