Division of Student Affairs - Career Center

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Richter Mini-Grant Application Yes https://forms.office.com/r/zffjK6QnwE
Richter Mini-Grants (less than $1000) that may be used to support students’ internships, employment, or professional development-related expenses, all of which must also be related to their academic plans at USC. Approved use: applying to/interviewing for internships/work, supplementary compensation for an internship/work, transportation/hotels/relocation, professional attire/materials/supplies/technology, conference attendance, membership dues/subscriptions to professional organizations/publications.
Richter Internship Scholarship Application Yes https://forms.office.com/r/a147enkxp1
Career Center offers Richter Internship Scholarships between $800-$5000 to support undergraduate students with a part-time or full-time unpaid or under-paid (less than minimum wage) internship at a vetted non-profit or government organization during the summer that relates to their professional and academic goals.