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Complete Scholarship Name Application Deadline Date Contact Name Contact Phone Number Contact E-mail Address
College of Education Departmental Scholarships
Apple Core Initiative Program Yes March 27, 2018 Margo Jackson 803.777.4717
• Full acceptance into USC’s main campus
• Complete online application to ACI
• Upload letters of recommendation -
o candidate’s high school representative
o community member
• Upload 500 word essay addressing the this topic:
o Considering your career choice as an educator, what would you consider the biggest obstacle facing education attainment in the state of South Carolina, your home state, or in the United States.
• Maintain the University’s 2.75 GPA guideline
• Submit passing score on Praxis Core by 2nd year (fall semester)
• Commit to four years to ensure degree completion
• Complete a culminating project to fulfill the requirements for Graduation with Distinction (one of five categories)
CarolinaLIFE Resident Mentor Housing Fellowship Queenie Bell 803.777.6585
These fellowships are given to those who serve as live-in resident mentors for the CarolinaLIFE program.
AACTE Holmes Honor Student Yes March 28, 2018 Margo Jackson 803.777.4717
- Resume
- A 500-word statement indicating a strong commitment to education practice and improvement and their research agenda regarding equity and stating why the Holmes Scholar designation is an aspiration for you.
- A letter of nomination from a faculty member.
Frank and Frankie McGuire Endowed Scholarship Yes March 9 COE Office of Student Service 803.777.6732
Undergraduate or Graduate Student in CarolinaLlFE Program - This award is provided to student(s) enrolled in the CarolinaLIFE program. The primary basis for the award will be financial need. (Application information is at
Noyce Scholarships for Secondary Science and Mathematics Education Yes April 6, 2018 Kathy Henson
The application deadline for the Noyce Scholarships is Friday, April 6, 2018.

This scholarship funds juniors, seniors, MT students and second year MAT science and mathematics students.

If you qualify, you may be awarded up to $11,500 per year to complete a bachelor's degree and an MT/MAT degree program.

Besides your regular coursework, if you qualify you will participate in a special seminar program to help build and support your subject matter content knowledge and teaching skills.

You apply in the last semester of your sophomore year (or possibly junior) year or at the end of your first year in the MAT science/math program.

You must teach high school science or mathematics in a high-need school district for 2 years for each year of Noyce scholarship you receive.

The Noyce Scholarships do not follow the same application process as the others listed on this page. To apply, submit a copy of the Noyce Scholarship Application [pdf] to the offices listed in the application.

Please contact Kathy Henson at with any questions.
Croy West Endowed Scholarship Fund Yes March 27, 2018 Dr. Tony Plotner 803.777.7664
The purpose of this fund is to provide support for scholarship(s) at the University of South Carolina in the College of Education for students enrolled in the CarolinaLIFE program.
AACTE Holmes Scholars Program for Underrepresented Minority Doctoral Students Yes March 9, 2018 Margo Jackson 803.777.4717
USC Holmes Scholars are expected to:

Serve a 3-year term as a USC Holmes Scholar.

Submit proposals to present their research at the AACTE Annual Meeting each year and participate at least once in the AACTE Holmes Scholars Summer Policy Institute/AACTE Day on the Hill.

Participation in at least one other education conference, such as American Educational Research Association, the Association of Teacher Educators, or another organization within their discipline;

Participate in activities and meetings sponsored by the National Association of Holmes Scholars Alumni during their final year in the Holmes Scholars Program (some of which occur at the AACTE Annual Meeting);

Propose and implement a project that relates to or forwards the goals of AACTE and that authentically engages them in advocacy, policy, service, or research work that furthers high-quality and equitable educator

The College of Education will provide full financial support to attend the AACTE Annual meetings as well as full financial support to attend one meeting of the Holmes Scholars Summer Policy Institute.

The AACTE Holmes Awards do not follow the same application process as the others listed on this page. To apply, follow the instructions below. Applications are due by 5:00 p.m. March 9, 2018.

Application Process
Please upload the following items at

A three-page professional statement that outlines:

your professional goals

a description of your research interests/agenda and its relationship to equity

examples of your commitment to scholarship, education practice, and improvement

why you aspire to be a USC Holmes Scholar.

Two letters of nomination from a faculty member.

Curriculum Vitae

Please direct inquiries to Margo Jackson, Director of Student Diversity, Equity and Engagement at