College of Arts and Sciences - Physics & Astronomy

Complete Scholarship Name Application Deadline Date Contact Name Contact Phone Number Contact E-mail Address
Lovelace Family Endowment Fund No Kelly GIbson 803.777.4121
The Lovelace Family Endowed Scholarships is awarded bi-annually by the Department of Physics to an outstanding undergraduate mathematics major who has demonstrated excellence in mathematics. The Lovelace family created this scholarship in 2013 to recognize students in mathematics and physics. The award alternates between the departments of mathematics and physics.
Physics & Astronomy Graduate Scholarship No N/A Sam Beals 803.777.8105
Awarded at departmental discretion
Nina and Frank Avignone Fellows Fund No N/A Evelyn Wong 803.777.8105
To recognize outstanding undergraduates with a certificate and cash award. The minimum award would be $500. This award is open to all senior undergraduate physics majors. The final selection of the recipient shall be made as follows. The Director of Undergraduate Admissions will compile a list during the spring semester of each year of all eligible students with a grade point average of 3.6 or higher. This GPA is to be based on work done at USC only and will not include any transfer credits from other institutions. This list of students will be distributed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies to all instructors of 500-level courses. These faculty members will provide the selection committee with the relative class rank of each of the candidates in the 500-level courses in which they taught them. The selection committee, consisting of the Director of Undergraduate Studies and two other faculty members appointed by the Chair, will then compute an average ranking based on the faculty input. The candidate with the highest overall rank will receive the award. In the event of a tie, the candidate with the higher GPA wins. If there is no eligible student in any given year the award will not be made for that year. The recipient will receive an engraved plaque and a $500 award.
Special Physics Research Fellowship No Application needed. The candidate was selected from the USC graduate student body. N/A Professor Frank T. Avignone III 803.777.6933
The candidate must be a graduate student in the USC Physics Department.
The candidate must have a research project approved by the USC Physics Faculty, and must have passed the PhD Qualifying examination.