College of Arts and Sciences - Geography

Complete Scholarship Name Application Deadline Date Contact Name Contact Phone Number Contact E-mail Address
Geography Graduate Scholarship No N/A Caroline Nagel 803.777.5234
This $250 scholarship is available to all Doctoral and Master's students in the Department of Geography. It is awarded by the Department Chair to students who have provided meritorious service to the department. Students must be in good standing to be granted the award. Award of this scholarship is entirely at the discretion of the Department Chair.
Geography Scholarship No N/A Whitney Sudduth 803.777.9845
PhD candidate
Donald O. Bushman Award No N/A Geography Director of Undergraduate Studies 803.777.5234
A $100 award presented annually to an outstanding undergraduate in cartography in honor of the late Dr. Donald O. Bushman.
Geography Student Research Fund N Whitney Sudduth 803.777.9845
Support Graduate or undergraduate student interview and field research.
Grace and Allan Davis Scholarship Endowment Interview with Awards Committee and/or Department Chair February of each year Geography Department Awards Committee 803.777.5234
Student(s) majoring in Geography with an emphasis in the geographic techniques area of remote sensing, GIS, or computer cartography. Preference given to married students with children that have financial needs. There being no students in that category then married students that have financial needs will be considered next followed by single student with financial needs. Graduate students will be given preference over undergraduate. Minimum award of $500 as funding will allow.
Hazards & Vulnerability Research Institute No N/A Dr. Susan Cutter 803.777.1590
Must be a Ph.D Student / Work in Hazards Field
Julian Petty Award Endowment Fund/Julian J. Petty Award No N/A Whitney Sudduth 803.777.9845
Named in honor of the late Dr. Julian J. Petty, who taught geography at the University from 1929-1967 and was the first Head of the Department of Geography, this award is conferred each spring on a graduating geography major in recognition of excellence in scholarship. Eligibility for the award. The recipient of the award: a. must be an undergraduate major in geography b. must be cleared for graduation in the spring semester of the year when the award presented, or have graduated in the previous summer or fall semester c. should display excellence in the classroom with high overall GPA and high GPA in geography courses d. should demonstrate interest in the discipline through participation in professional activities or geographic research Selection Procedure. e. Candidates for the award are nominated by undergraduate advisors f. The Awards Committee makes the final selection based on comparative merit g. In unusual years, when there is more than one highly qualified nominee, the Committee may select more than one recipient for the award. Likewise, if there is no qualified candidate for the award in a given year, the Committee may chose to make no award. H. The Chairman of the Awards Committee will: 1. notify the recipient(s) in writing as well as in person and confirm his or her availability to receive the award 2. notify the parents of the recipient(s) in writing and invite their presence at the appropriate awards ceremony 3. notify the organizers of the appropriate awards ceremony of the award recipient(s) 4. arrange to have the appropriate plaque(s) and inscription(s) made and the check(s) made out 5. arrange for the presentation of the awards at the appropriate awards ceremony
Lovingood Graduate Research Award April 1 Geography Department Chair 803.777.5234
$500 award presented annually to a Geography Graduate student submitting the most outstanding paper in Geography. Any Geography graduate student enrolled in a course during the academic year is eligible to submit a paper (not more than one) for that academic year. Multiple-authored papers are not eligible. The paper must have been accepted for presentation at a professional meeting held during the academic year. The written paper must be no longer than eight pages, excluding tables, figures, and bibliography. It should be double spaced on 8 1/2 by 11 inch pages and have a title page which includes: (1) the title of the paper, (2) the author's name, (3) a statement of the details of the professional meeting at which the paper has been or will be given, and (4) the date the paper is submitted for the award. A three-person committee appointed each year by the chairman of the Department of Geography will judge the papers and announce the winner of the award before the end of the spring semester. Four copies of the paper should be submitted to the Geography Department chair by April 1st.
Richard G Silvernail Fund for Geographic Education No N/A Geography Director of Undergraduate Studies 803.777.5234
Need Based Major in Geographic Education
The Bennett S. Masaschi Memorial Scholarship Yes Must be invited to apply. Geography Director of Undergraduate Studies 803.777.5234
The $1,000 scholarship was established by John and Susan Masaschi in honor of their son, Bennett, who was a geography major at USC. To be considered students must: a) be an undergraduate major in geography; b)be in residence and taking courses full time during the school year for which the award is made; c) must have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA; d)must demonstrate financial need. Candidates for the award will be identified by the director of undergraduate studies, based on their cumulative GPA at the end of the fall semester and their academic status as either juniors or sophomores and will be contacted by the director of undergraduate studies, provided information and an application form, and invited to apply. The application will consist of a brief form and a one to two page statement written by the applicants in which they state their interest in being considered for the scholarship, address the issue of financial need and how the scholarship would benefit them, discuss their interests in the field of geography, and provide any other relevant information which might be helpful to the awards committee. The awards committee of the Geography Department will select the scholarship recipient based on comparative merit and need and if there is no qualified candidate in a given year, the committee may choose not to make an award. Recipients are eligible to apply for a second year of support, but preference will be given to new applicants. Application for and selection of the recipient of the scholarship will take place early in spring semester. The award will be made formally during Awards Day ceremonies in April of each year. The scholarship will apply toward the tuition of the following school year.
Geography Scholarship No N/A Whitney Sudduth 803.777.9845
Fieldwork. Advancing research done by the department