College of Arts and Sciences - Center for Asian Studies

Complete Scholarship Name Application Deadline Date Contact Name Contact Phone Number Contact E-mail Address
Center for Asian Studies No March 1, 2015 Lys Duffey 803.777.0437
Ability to research and help with center for asian studies. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
Confucius Institute Yes 1 December Jane Squire 803.777.7660
Graduate student; to support a graduate student studying Chinese culture, language, or linguistics.
Islamic World Studies Program Fellowship Yes April 4, 2016 Lys Duffey 803.777.0437
Purpose: The Islamic World Studies Program (IWSP) at the University of South Carolina is pleased to offer a fellowship to support graduate research focused on the Islamic World. We take a broad view of the Islamic World and will consider applications relating to Muslim-majority contexts (e.g. the MENA region, Indonesia, Central Asia) or to Muslim communities in Muslim-minority contexts (e.g. Europe, India). We will also consider applications relating to Islamic religious and legal issues that may be transnational in scope.
Eligibility: All currently enrolled graduate students at the master's or doctoral level. Students are eligible to apply for this award even if they have applied for another Walker Institute graduate award.
Li Ching Fellowship Fund No N/A Polly Brown 803.777.0437
Research funds awarded by John Hsieh, Director of the Center for Asian Studies, Gambrell Hall, Room 408.
Islamic World Studies Graduate Fellowship Yes March 6, 2015 Lys Duffey 803.777.0437
Purpose: To provide support for graduate-level research pertaining to Islam, Muslim-majority societies, or Muslim-minority populations. Applicants may apply for funds to support fieldwork, archival research, and/or advanced language training required for dissertation or thesis project. Funds may be used domestically or internationally. Applicant should follow the application format for the Ceny Walker Graduate Fellowship. Applicants to the Ceny Walker Graduate Fellowship for the March 6, 2015 deadline may use the same application for the IWS Graduate Fellowship.

Eligibility: All currently enrolled graduate students (Master's or PhD) may apply.
Li-Ching Graduate Award Yes March 1, 2016 Lys Duffey 803.777.0437
Purpose and Award Information: The Center for Asian Studies and Walker Institute are please to offer the Li-Ching Graduate Fellowship in the amount of $2500, renewable for two additional year, to incoming Ph.D. students who show exceptional promise in Asian Studies. One fellowship will be awarded per academic year. This fellowship is made possible by the Li-Ching Fellowship Fund, which was established in 1994 through a generous donation from Li-Ching Cultural and Educational Foundation.

Eligibility: Must have applied to a doctoral program and met all admission requirements. Must have outstanding undergraduate or master's level record. Primary area of interest must be in the Asian Studies. In accordance with the bequest, preference will be given to students with research interests in the Greater China region. Nominations of students in all areas of Asian Studies will be considered.

Program Guidelines: THe award amount for the Li-Ching Graduate Fellowship is $2500 per year, renewable for 2 subsequent years for doctoral students, contingent upon adequate progress toward the degree and available funding. Funds may be applied to tuition, fees or student stipends. For students receiving other financial aid awards such as teaching or research assistantships, the Li-Ching Graduate Fellowship must be used to increase the total amount of their stipend by $2500 above the level offered by standard funding packages in the student's home program or department.