College of Arts and Sciences - African American Studies

Complete Scholarship Name Application Deadline Date Contact Name Contact Phone Number Contact E-mail Address
Grace Jordan McFadden Fellowship Nomination February 10 Valerie Ashford 803.777.7248
Recipient must be a third-year student at USC Columbia, with a minimum GPA of 3.5 in two AFAM courses. Open to all majors, however, preference will be given to students majoring or minoring in AFAM.
Hayes Mizell Award No (Nomination) N/A (possibly one time award) Dr. Valinda Littlefield 803.777.7248
The purpose of the award is to recognize scholarly research in African American studies. Award winner must utilize Hayes Mizell’s personal papers housed in the South Caroliniana Library.
Thomas Terrill Scholarship Yes N/A Valerie Ashford 803.777.7248
The award will be based on academic excellence, with weight given to financial need. The recipient must be an undergraduate major or minor in African American studies or a graduate student in History with an emphasis on African American History. One award will be given out, on a competitive basis, during the spring semester of each year. Students applying for this award must present a proposal for a research or travel project that can be completed over the summer and must present a report, verbal or written, as designated at the time of the award. Students may apply for and receive this award in succeeding years. Students who apply for this award may not apply for the Grace Jordan McFadden Fellowship in the same year.
Grace Jordan McFadden Award No - Letter submission Deadline is in February Nancy Tolson 803.777.7248
Two undergraduate students will receive an award of $500 each to recognize excellence and advancement in scholarship related to African American Studies.

Third year of academic study at USC.
Minimum GPA of 3.5 in two African American Studies courses.
Open to all majors, however preference will be given to AFAM majors and minors.

USC faculty members can nominate students
USC students can nominate themselves.
A letter outlining reasons why the nominee deserves the award.
Letter must include course dates and final grades.
A hard or electronic copy of nomination letter should be sent to Nancy Tolson.