Gateway Updates

1/9/14 (UPDATED) To correspond to the Registrar's new pages, Master Schedule is now labeled Class Schedule (Master Schedule) under Assisting Students > Academic Advising. Master Schedule is outdated terminology and eventually will be removed from this listing.

1/8/14: (ADDED) Responding to user requests, Administrative Employees Club was added to Personal and Professional > Benefits list.

12/13/13: (ADDED) System Phonebook was added to the Tools and Resources category. This link provides directory access to all campuses. 

12/13/13: (ADDED) A new category labeled Administration and Governance was added to provide quick access to policy-influencing offices including Faculty Senate.

12/4/13: (ADDED) The new Gateway Updates section was added to communicate any changes, adjustments or enhancements we add to the gateway page.

12/4/13: (CHANGED) The Human Resources and Policies section name was changed to Policies, Forms and Procedures under the Personal and Professional category.

12/4/13: (MOVED) The Family Friendly Policies for Faculty link and the Family Leave Policies link were moved from the Benefits section to the Policies, Forms and Procedures section under the Personal and Professional category.

12/4/13: (MOVED) The link for Faculty Senate was moved from Human Resources and Policies to the Teaching Resources section under the Teaching and Research category.

12/4/13: (ADDED) Academic Programs and the Faculty Senate Office links were added under the Academic Affairs and Provost section in the University Divisions category. 

11/12/13: (ADDED) Based on user feedback, an Academic Bulletins section was added under the Assisting Students category.

10/17/13: (ADDED) Responding to comments from users, an Exams and Commencement section was added under the Assisting Students category.

9/20/13: (NOTE) On the gateways the + signs indicate there is more information. A click on the + expands the selection. A click on the + in the garnet bar expands the entire category.