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The History of American Football - College of Education Museum


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This exhibit is located at the College of Education Museum, which is part of UofSC's Faculty Guest Curator Program, and designed by Christian K. Anderson, Ph.D., and Amber Falucca, Ph.D. The space explores themes in the history of American college football and provides insight into how American colleges and universities have been significantly impacted and shaped by college football, prompting visitors to ask questions about it evolved to its present form and scope:

What significant individuals, events, and locations contributed to current day understanding of the sport?
What actions did or did not occur that shape college football and, extensively, higher education and society?
Can we draw conclusions from the past that can help inform where the future of the sport is headed?

Visitors are welcome whenever Wardlaw College is open. Panels cover topics such as athletics scandals and reforms, college football in TV and the movies, and football during a pandemic.

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