Engagement Details

CTE Advisory Council on Teaching and Learning


What to Expect

Members communicate the student perspective to the Center for Teaching Excellence by providing feedback, recommendations and work on projects to improve students' learning experiences. Students share ideas, concerns, and interests to enhance teaching and learning, and work with a diverse group to reach consensus and drive action.

This engagement qualifies for these special designations:

  • Option to appear on UofSC Experience extended transcript

Term: Spring 2022



Time Commitment: 5 - 8 hours
Who Can Participate: Selected through competitive application
Minimum Credit Hours: 15 hours or one semester completed at USC
Minimum GPA:  15 hours or one semester completed at USC
Other Requirements No additional requirements


Engagement Benefits

How expectations are communicated:
Group orientation / class session(s)
Individual orientation

Learning activities:
Connecting with others

Knowledge or skills developed:
Professionalism / work ethic

Who you will work with:
Faculty member(s) on this campus

Who will communicate feedback and how:
Informal feedback only

Reflection expectations:
Informal only, no structured reflection activity


Additional Information