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SCHC 400: Creating


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Oranjestad, Aruba

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This Maymester experience will take students on an impactful and immersive journey to the tiny island of Aruba, a Dutch colony located in the southern Caribbean. "One Happy Island" is the national slogan of this 75 square mile island, and tourism and leisure is the country's primary industry, producing more than 80% of the country's gross domestic product. As such, the island is the perfect backdrop to study hospitality and tourism. Further, we'll be studying hospitality and tourism in the context of strategic communication ??" how companies in the tourism industry generate awareness and exposure so that travelers engage with their business and build loyalty with existing and new customers. We'll also spend time getting to know the island of Aruba, including the culture, the food, and, the people.

Term: Summer

Participation Instructions: See program requirements to determine student eligibility.



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