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USC Capstone Scholars Program from Julia Brown on Vimeo.

Progress: In order to fulfill the mission and vision of the Capstone Scholars Program, we expect all Scholars to complete the minimum requirements each semester in this program. To continue to reap the benefits of the Capstone Scholars program, scholars are required to make satisfactory progress in these areas.

Progress Requirements: The following table outlines what requirements must be completed per semester. A student does not need to report fulfillment of their Academic or Social requirement. S/he must report their service and leadership requirements through online forms found on the Blackboard website as well as the Capstone Courier newsletter.

University 101: All Capstone Scholars are required to take a Capstone Scholar section of University 101, South Carolina's nationally acclaimed renowned first-year seminar course dedicated to helping new students succeed. For more information about University 101, please visit: www.sc.edu/univ101

Semester Requirement

Progress Submissions: All forms associated with the program requirements are due by the last day of class each semester. Deadlines will be communicated via the Capstone Courier newsletter and Blackboard. Should you miss the deadline, you will be placed on probation, and will need to take the corrective steps in order to be back in good standing. Being in good standing (namely, completing your semester requirements) allows you to be eligible to apply for grant funding (study abroad, reserach, and internship funding) through the Capstone Scholars Program.