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You may be a candidate for the South Carolina Honors College (SCHC) if you:

  • Thrive in interactive, discussion-style classes.
  • Relish learning for learning's sake.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a small liberal arts college with the resources of a flagship state university.
  • Love to conduct independent research, explore foreign countries or learn new languages.
  • Seek the rewards of a degree from a well established and nationally respected honors program.

At USC, the Honors College offers you and approximately 1,200 of your peers the opportunity to pursue any of our more than 75 majors. Or you can design your own academic program and receive the Baccalaureus Artium et Scientiae degree. If you're considering a future in law, the six-year joint B.A./B.S./law degree may be an excellent option.

Honors Application Deadline: November 15, 2014

To be considered for the SC Honors College, you must submit a complete South Carolina Honors College and Top Scholars Application* along with your general University application by November 15. Mailed credentials such as counselor evaluation forms and letters of recommendation must be postmarked by this date. If you meet this deadline you will receive notification of your University admissions decision the week of December 15. You may also receive your decision on Honors College admission at the same time. If not, then we will send your Honors decision no later than the week of February 16.

*A completed application includes: a University application, a $50 nonrefundable application fee, an Honors College and Top Scholars application, official test scores (including an official SAT or ACT writing score) sent directly from the testing service, and two recommendation letters. An official high-school transcript is not required; visit our requirements page for details.

Graduate "with Honors"

To graduate "with honors" from SCHC, you'll complete 45 hours of honors credit and a senior thesis or project that explores an area of interest through research, a written paper, an internship or even a movie. Of course, you'll have the one-on-one counsel of a thesis advisor to guide you through the process. You may apply for an Honors College grant to help you complete your work.

Unique Honors Courses

With nearly 300 SCHC honors courses to choose from each year, including many special seminars, you'll quickly discover topics that pique your interest. For example:

  • Explore Medical Anthropology or Clinical Nutrition, whether you're pre-med or a generally curious student, no matter what your major.
  • History of Film in South Carolina offers an in-depth look at a key industry for film studies majors.
  • In courses with study-abroad components, you may find yourself investigating the history and politics of Morocco, examining the Holocaust in Poland or reading English literature in London.
  • Examine the impact of music on history and emotion while jamming with your classmates in Echoes in Blues.
  • Super Bowl Commercials puts you in the critic's chair choosing the winner of the annual Cocky Award in the Super Ad Poll and considering the impact of media on society as you have more than a bit of fun!

Personal Attention

When you study within the Honors College at USC, you'll benefit from the extensive support and personal attention of our large network of faculty and staff who listen to you, encourage you and guide you throughout your SCHC experience. You'll take classes with handpicked faculty stars and find your intellect and creativity supercharged. You will have a dedicated Honors advisor to help you get the most out of both the Honors College and the University.

Best of Both Worlds

Because you're part of the University of South Carolina, you can join our more than 300 campus organizations, work out in our state-of-the-art fitness facilities, attend thought-provoking lectures, participate in exciting cultural events and cheer on our Gamecocks athletics teams. You'll also find a welcoming home in our new "green," LEED-certified Honors Residence. With the ability to customize your Carolina experience to meet your academic goals, career plans and personal interests, you'll enjoy the best of both worlds an intimate liberal arts college and a large research university.

Honors Scholarships

Enjoy an Ivy League education at USC without the Ivy League price. As many as 100 percent of incoming honors freshmen may receive at least one University academic scholarship.

  • The Carolina Scholars award, our most prestigious scholarship for in-state students, offers up to $40,000 over four years ($10,000 annually).
  • The McNair Scholars award, valued at $128,600 over four years (annually $15,000 + tuition reduction) is the highest-ranking scholarship for out-of-state students.

Learn more about applying for these scholarships, which include a free laptop computer and many other benefits. If you qualify, you may be invited to complete the Honors/Top Scholars application online.

Additional Resources

As a Carolina or McNair Scholar or an Honors College student interested in applying for fellowships or scholarships, the Office of Fellowships and Scholar Programs serves as your home base and best resource. You can access help to prepare for the Truman, Goldwater, National Science Foundation and other national competitions.

South Carolina Honors College

South Carolina Honors College

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