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Gamecock Gateway is an exciting one-year residential program offered jointly by the University of South Carolina and Midlands Technical College. This invitation-only program provides first-time college students with comprehensive support from both institutions; it offers affordability, access, and the eventual opportunity to enroll at the University of South Carolina. Gamecock Gateway students enjoy great benefits while working to meet USC's admissions requirements. Students will live on campus at USC while completing their first year of courses at Midlands Technical College (Airport and/or Beltline Campuses). Gamecock Gateway students:

  • will have student ID cards for both USC and Midlands Technical College
  • will have access to campus facilities
  • can participate in many programs and activities at both colleges
  • will live in a USC residence hall
  • can play USC intramural sports and utilize USC's state-of-the-art fitness center
  • can enjoy library privileges at USC;
  • can obtain free tickets to many USC athletic events; attend concerts and cultural events; and much more!

Gamecock Gateway extends from Fall 2014 through Spring 2015. To successfully complete the program, students must earn 30 transferrable credit hours at Midlands Technical College and earn at least a 2.25 GPA within the designated time frame. Some majors may have additional GPA requirements. Students are required to live on campus at USC so that they benefit fully from the program.

GAMECOCK GATEWAY Frequently Asked Questions

Where do students in Gamecock Gateway attend classes? Gamecock Gateway students will primarily take their courses at the Midlands Technical College Airport and/or Beltline Campuses. Students’ majors will largely determine their campus assignment. Each student will have an academic advisor at Midlands Technical College who will work closely with University of South Carolina academic personnel to ensure the transferability of coursework.

Where do students in Gamecock Gateway live? May I live at home if I live in the Columbia area? Gamecock Gateway students will live together in The Roost and Bates House residential communities on the University of South Carolina-Columbia campus. The Roost is a suite-style residence hall with full amenities such as wireless internet access, micro fridge, and common den area. Bates House is a traditional residence hall that includes wireless internet access, micro fridge, 24-hour computer lab, newly renovated study lounge, the Student Success Center satellite office, and the Bates Diner, an all-you-can-eat dining facility. Laundry and kitchen facilities are located in each residence hall for your convenience. The Gamecock Gateway Program is both an academic and residential program, so participation in the residential component is necessary and required.

Is transportation provided between campuses? May I keep a car on the USC campus? USC will provide shuttle service between the Midlands Technical College Airport/Beltline Campuses and the USC campus at regularly scheduled intervals. Gamecock Gateway students are allowed to purchase USC parking passes to park their vehicles on the USC campus. The Roost and Bates House have their own parking lots that can accommodate most residents’ vehicles. Free vehicle registration is required at Midlands Technical College, but no parking pass is required. (Note: Engineering students may have to take coursework at the MTC Northeast campus, in which case individual transportation must be arranged.)

What are some of the advantages of being in Gamecock Gateway? Students will benefit from a variety of support programs and student services offered by each institution, including access to both Midlands Technical College’s Academic Success Center and the University of South Carolina’s Student Success Center. Students also will have access to many University of South Carolina campus activities, including most clubs and organizations, intramural sports and sport clubs, and non-ticketed athletic events. Upon successful completion of the Gamecock Gateway program, which includes meeting transfer admission requirements for their intended majors, students will be eligible to fully matriculate to the University of South Carolina.

Are there any campus activities restrictions for Gamecock Gateway members? Gamecock Gateway students cannot join social fraternities or sororities; enter the student lottery for football, basketball, or baseball tickets; hold office in a club or organization; participate in intercollegiate athletics; or take part in activities that require USC course enrollment, including ROTC.

How can I ensure that I will attend the University of South Carolina after being in Gamecock Gateway for one year? Students will be eligible to attend the University of South Carolina after meeting three key requirements: (1) earning at least 30 transferrable credits at Midlands Technical College while in Gamecock Gateway; (2) achieving a minimum 2.25 GPA or higher for their intended USC major; and (3) remaining in good conduct and financial standing at both institutions. Some majors also require completion of specific courses. Click here for comprehensive information about transfer requirements for all majors.

How long do I participate in Gamecock Gateway? Gamecock Gateway is a one-year academic program designed to help students transfer into the University of South Carolina. It is expected that students will earn 30 credit hours and be eligible for transfer admission consideration by the end of spring 2015. Students who do not meet USC transfer admission requirements after participating in Gamecock Gateway may continue to be enrolled at Midlands Technical College if otherwise eligible.

Do I have to earn 30 credits? May I transfer after attending Midlands Technical College after one semester? Gamecock Gateway students must commit to participate in the program for the full academic year, including both fall and spring semesters. Students are expected to be enrolled full time and complete 30 hours of transferrable credit at Midlands Technical College in order to enroll at USC in fall 2015.

How can I be considered for financial aid in Gamecock Gateway? Students enrolled in Gamecock Gateway will have their financial aid administered by Student Financial Services at Midlands Technical College. Gamecock Gateway students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by April 15. Please note the code for Midlands Technical College: 003993. Visit for additional information about Midlands Technical College student financial assistance.

Am I eligible for any of the state scholarship and financial aid programs as a student in Gamecock Gateway? Yes, students who qualify for any state aid program, including the SC LIFE Scholarship and Lottery Tuition Assistance or SC need-based grants, are eligible for the award as a Gamecock Gateway student. Please consult the Commission on Higher Education's website at for specific rules outlining state financial aid program requirements.

Do I get access to all University of South Carolina athletic events as a student in Gamecock Gateway? Gamecock Gateway program fees include access to all Gamecock athletic events except football, basketball, and baseball games. Tickets for football, basketball, and baseball games are available on a limited basis for an additional charge.

Do I have to purchase a meal plan at the University of South Carolina? Gamecock Gateway students are required to purchase a minimum ten-meals-per-week plan at USC. A variety of meal plan options at Carolina provide both cost-savings and convenience. The cost for the required meal plan minimum is approximately $1,325 per semester.

What is the cost to be in the Gamecock Gateway Program? The Gamecock Gateway program fee covers academic success programs, student activity fees, health center fees, wellness center access, and other program-specific offerings from both institutions. Your tuition cost per semester will vary depending upon your legal residency status:

Gamecock Gateway Program Fees Estimate*

Gamecock Gateway Program Fee Estimate Fall Term** Spring Term
Gamecock Gateway Program Fee $1,571 $1,526
Housing Fee (for students housed in the Roost) $2,630**** $2,580****
Housing Fee (for students housed in Bates House) $2,460**** $2,410****
Meal Plan $1,310*** $1,310***
Midlands Technical College Tuition and Fees    
In Area (Richland, Lexington, Fairfield Counties) $2,798 $2,748
In State but Not in Area $3,368 $3,318
Out-of-State $7,388 $7,338

*Midlands Technical College tuition and fees reflect 2014-15 rates for reference and are based on a 15-credit hour load. Additional credit hours above 15 will require additional tuition and fees. Midlands Technical College tuition and fee information can be found at

**Fall term fees include one-time application and enrollment fees. Advance deposit of $750 is required for fall, and applies as an advanced payment toward the program fee for fall.

***This estimate is based upon a required ten-meals-per-week minimum requirement. Additional plans are available.

****Housing rates provided here are estimates. Official 2014-15 on campus housing rates are pending Board of Trustees approval in the summer.

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