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DUO Authentication

As online security tools become more sophisticated, hackers shift toward targeting users, not computers. If a hacker can discover an authorized user’s password, they are far less likely to be noticed as they access the university’s data and resources. Multifactor authentication is a key step to keeping individual user data safe and secure.

Setup DUO Multifactor Authentication


Step 1

Claim your VIP number (Already claimed? Go to step 2!)

  • Locate your VIP number in your admissions packet
  • Go to
  • Follow the steps to claim your VIP ID and setup your password


Step 2

Setup your DUO Multifactor Authentication

  • Go to to enroll with your smartphone
  • Log in with your VIP ID or Network Username (Net ID tab) and password
  • Answer the security question and press Submit
  • Enter your mobile phone number
  • Select mobile, choose your platform then press Add Phone
  • Choose Activate beside your mobile phone number
    • A QR code will be displayed. You will scan this code in a later step
  • On your phone, use your app store to search for Duo Mobile
  • Download and open the Duo Mobile app
  • In the Duo Mobile app, press the + sign at the top of the screen
  • With your phone, scan the QR code on your computer
  • You are now enrolled!


Step 3

Set up your Network Username (This is used for Math Placement and is not your VIP number)

  • Got to
  • Do not log in - scroll to the bottom of the page and go to the Personal tab.
  • Click View My IDs and Manage My Passwords
  • Log In with your VIP ID and authenticate with DUO
  • Your network username will be displayed
    • This will be your log in for Blackboard, Email and Math Placement
  • Next to your network username, click Manage Password and set your password