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Course Listing

Health Assessment (Credits: 3)  NURS U311
Comprehensive health assessment of well individuals across the life span. 

Professional Nursing Role Transition (Credits: 3)  NURS U350
Theories of nursing, systems, family, teaching-learning, practice, education, role and change that are central to current professional nursing practice.

Current Topics in Nursing (Credits: 6)  NURS U420
Intensive study in a specialized area of professional nursing or a topic related to current health care practice.

Evidence-Based Practice (Credits: 3)  NURS U426                                                                                                                                Introduction to the language and underlying concepts as a basis for reading, understanding, and utilizing research as a source of evidence for guiding practice.

Digital and Information Literacy for Nurses (Credits: 3)  NURS U427
An intensive study of essential digital, media and information literacies and their conceptual underpinnings critical to nursing practice in increasingly technology-mediated healthcare environments.

Quality and Patient Safety (Credits: 3)  NURS U428
Learn and utilize quality and safety competencies to improve quality of nursing care to understand and use quality improvement concepts, process and outcome measures.

Leadership in Nursing Practice  (Credits: 3)  NURS U431
Principles of leadership, management, and followership as they relate to the role of the professional nurse within the sociopolitical health care system.

Community and Public Health Nursing and Practicum (Credits: 6)  NURS U462/U462P
Evidence-based nursing with individuals across the life-span, families and other diverse population groups.  Virtual practicum hours required.

Professional Nursing Issues  (Credits: 2)  NURS U498
Critical exploration of interrelated historical, sociopolitical, and cultural issues impacting the professional nurse and the quality and delivery of health care.

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