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Capital Bond Bill Priorities (Existing Facilities)

The House Ways and Means Committee asked colleges and universities from across the state to submit a list of campus projects that could benefit from a capital bond bill aimed exclusively at renovation and repair of existing facilities. Below is a list of priority projects from the University of South Carolina campuses.

Note: USC continues place the construction of a new medical campus in Columbia as its highest legislative priority this year.

$50,000,000 - Old Law School Renovation

Description of the facility: 
The University of South Carolina Columbia requests funding for the comprehensive redevelopment of the existing Law Center into the Science and Technology Center. The updated building will create additional teaching labs and academic space at the west district of the campus. The building is one of the largest academic buildings on the Columbia campus and its location on the western side of the campus is well situated as academic and student life is becoming more concentrated in this district.

Explanation of the request:
Renovation of the old Law School into the Science and Technology Center.

$31,000,000 - Comprehensive Building Renovation Projects

$11,307,068 - Larger Maintenance Projects

$3,500,000 - Penland Administration Building

Description of the facility:
The University of South Carolina Aiken is requesting funding to replace the HVAC system in the Penland Administration Building – The USC Aiken campus’ oldest building (40+ years old). The Penland building is among the largest buildings on the USC Aiken campus (over 61,000 square feet.) The Penland building houses multiple classrooms, computer labs and faculty offices as well as student support services such as Enrollment/Admissions, Financial Aid, Records, and Business Services. Further, many of the University’s technology services (including servers) are located in this space. Maintaining proper heating and cooling in this building is critical to fulfilling the mission of USC Aiken.

Explanation of the request:
The proposed project will replace the current 240-ton water cooled chiller with a new, high efficiency 250 ton (estimated) chiller, air handlers, VFDs, pumps, hot water boiler, air separator, refrigerant monitor, chemical treatment, valves, connective piping and ducts, controls and associated electric, roofing, ceiling grid, seismic bracing and plumbing.

The project estimate also includes architectural and engineering services, and other appropriate documentation. The access to the equipment requiring replacement within the building (small corridor/stair access with very low ceiling height) also provides unique challenges to this project, and due to campus-wide space constraints the building must remain operational (heated/cooled) during the HVAC upgrade.

$4,500,000 - Library Renovation/Learning Commons

Description of the facility:
The University of South Carolina Aiken is requesting funding to renovate the current library. The building is approximately 43,600 sq. ft. The project cost of $10M calculates to just under $230/sq. ft. This is comparable to (or slightly less than) similar renovations at other institutions and far less than new construction. Private and Institutional funding to accompany state support.

Explanation of the request:
Renovation of the current library.

$1,250,000 - Comprehensive Building Renovation Projects

$8,000,000 - Library/Classroom Expansion

Description of the facility:
USC Beaufort would construct an addition to the existing library/classroom building consisting of approximately 16,800 sq. ft. of floor space. This expansion would enhance the central academic core of the USCB’s Hilton Head Gateway Campus. This expansion would include classrooms, faculty offices, and administrative workspaces. This expansion is needed to provide additional classroom and office spaces for our ever growing student population and faculty to serve them. USCB opened classrooms at the Hilton Head Gateway (HHG) Campus in fall 2004. Since that time, enrollment has increased by more than 117 percent. USCB’s HHG Campus currently has only 17 general purpose classrooms. As documented in USCB’s Facilities Master Plan, USCB has both immediate classroom space needs and a major future classroom space deficit. This shortfall in available space is projected to worsen and, without additional classroom space, become unmanageable over the next five years. Classrooms at the USCB HHG campus are scheduled for more hours of instruction per week than any of our peer institutions and exceeds this standard for SC CHE classroom utilization by 20 percent.

Additionally, many faculty currently share office space and shared desks in hallways. Over 50 percent of faculty share offices that were designed for one person, and this overcrowding is also projected to worsen. The latest SC Commission on Higher Education Facilities Utilization report based on Fall 2013 data ranks USCB as the second lowest among all four-year public teaching institutions in the State relative to the quantity of assignable square feet of academic space per full time equivalent (FTE) student. USCB is only one of three schools in that same category that meet the SC CHE standard. Additionally, USCB’s fall 2015 enrollment increased by 13 percent in FTE students. Based on our most recent internally generated preliminary headcount and FTE report dated 9-6-16, USCB is projecting an additional 2.1 percent increase in FTE for fall 2016.

Explanation of the request:
Renovate two classroom spaces in the Science & Technology Building into Natural Science laboratories. Replace those two classrooms by adding space to an existing building. Renovate traditional library book stack space into modern 21st century Learning Resource Center.

$2,475,000 - Comprehensive Building Renovation Projects

$8,000,000 - Smith Science Renovation

Description of the facility:
The Smith Science building was constructed in 1984 and has been modified minimally through the years. As enrollments in the science curriculum continue to increase, the existing space needs to be expanded and renovated to meet the teaching and technology demands. To date, we have converted general classrooms to lab space and office suites to research space to try to accommodate the increased demand. This project would upgrade existing space and add much needed teaching lab spaces with fume hoods for the Division of Natural Sciences and Engineering. The renovation of the science laboratories and preparation area at USC Upstate is currently rated as high priority on the college’s master plan as well as its annual five year CPIP.

The scope of work will replace existing fume hoods and student work spaces in existing labs and upgrade the mechanical infrastructure. The infrastructure in this building was not designed to meet the needs of the current STEM curricular demands for students or faculty. Many of our current labs need updating to ensure we have recommended station space per student (CHE standard) and to ensure we can accommodate students with disabilities, which is difficult to do in the current space. The current lab tables were built when the building was opened and are in need of replacement. Additionally, with the shifts in majors from pure science focus to more anatomy and physiology to support nursing and exercise science, Upstate needs to convert lab space to align with curriculum trends and to educate the nurses and STEM students.

These funds will also be used to construct an addition adjacent to the existing science building to include additional teaching lab space with fume hoods, large classroom, computer lab, faculty offices, and associated support spaces. This additional teaching laboratory space is needed in order to accommodate increasing numbers of students taking courses in the Division of Natural Sciences and Engineering. Each semester, the Division of Natural Sciences and Engineering, provides labs not only for our ~400 biology and chemistry majors, but also for pre-nursing, physical education, and exercise and sport science majors. In total, approximately 80 laboratory sections are offered each semester with a typical enrollment of 24 students each (or just under 2000 seats per semester). Upstate is critical to serving the needs for healthcare professionals in the upstate; currently, USC Upstate awards more nursing degrees than any other university in the state.

Explanation of the request:
Renovate by adding academic support space to include faculty offices, seminar rooms, and fabrication space for classroom support materials. The renovation will also add a technology laboratory to support the growing graphics design and computational science programs.

$750,000 - Lancaster - Gregory Health & Wellness Center

Description of the facility:
Facility houses PEDU classes, staff offices, athletic programs and a number of community programs. The roof and HVAC system is at the end of its life expectancy and beyond repair.

Explanation of the request:
Repair of roof and HVAC system.

$1,700,000 - Salkehatchie - Walterboro Science Research Building

Description of the facility:
Convert portion of Walterboro Science Research building converted into needed instruction classrooms, offices, and space economic development events such as hosting perspective industries.

Explanation of the request:
Renovation of classrooms and offices.

$4,500,000 - Sumter - Science Building

Description of the facility:
Renovate current 2300 square-foot building to house classrooms and laboratories for Math, Science and Engineering division. Includes office space for division faculty. Current laboratory facilities are over 50 years old. Outdated labs have to double for lecture rooms. Air-quality, health, and safety are major issues.

Explanation of the request:
Renovation of building for more classroom and lab space.

$990,000 - Union - Truluck Gym

Description of the facility:
Addition to include locker rooms, showers, coaches’ offices and weight room. Campus added club sports in baseball and softball this year. Men's and women's soccer will be added next year.

Explanation of the request:
Addition to current gym.

$3,643,000 - Physical Plant Maintenance