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NVivo and SAS statistical software programs are available to students at discounted prices.


  • Statistical software at education prices
  • NVivo for Windows is your platform for analyzing all forms of unstructured data.
  • NVivo for Mac enables you to collect, organize and analyze data from interviews, focus groups, webpages, observations, survey responses and literature.
  • SAS is used for data management, report writing, statistical analysis, and graphics. It is available for Windows 32- and 64-bit Windows workstations


  • Must be a student
  • Must know your VIP ID and password
  • Must be purchased with your CarolinaCard


  1. Choose from the links below to purchase and download NVivo:
    1. NVivo 10 for Mac (license and free download)
    2. NVivo 10 for Windows (license and free download)
    3. NVivo 10 (media only)
  2. Choose from the links below to purchase and download SAS for Windows:
    1. SAS 9.4 for Windows Workstations 32-bit (media only)
    2. SAS 9.4 for Windows Workstations (license and free download for 32- and 64-bit workstations)
    3. SAS 9.4 for Windows Workstations 64-bit (media only)


  • Need assistance with downloading and installing statistical software? Contact the UTS Service Desk or visit the Carolina Tech Zone for technology support.
  • Before purchasing software, check our software listings first for additional free or reduced-price options.


  • Varies