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Wired Network

All residence hall rooms have connections for the wired network. The wired network is secure and requires your computer’s operating system be up-to-date and that antivirus software be installed and updated.


  • Secure access
  • Available in all residence halls


  • Must be a student
  • Must know your Network Username and password
  • Must have a Cat6 Ethernet cable
  • Computers must have the latest operating system updates
    • Windows users, go to the Microsoft Update site.
    • Mac users, click on the Apple on your menu bar and select Software Update.
    • All computers connected to the network must have antivirus software installed and updated. You may purchase antivirus software on your own or download free software from


  1. Know your Network Username and password.
  2. Plug your Cat6 Ethernet cable in to your computer and the data jack in the wall.
  3. Follow the Wired Connection instructions.


  • Need assistance connecting to the wired network or preparing your computer for the network? Contact the UTS Service Desk or visit the Carolina Tech Zone for free technology support.
  • The majority of residence halls have one network jack per resident. However, there are some residence halls that have only one data jack per room. If you only have one data jack in your room and both you and your roommate want to use the wired network, University Housing will provide you with a network switch. A network switch contains multiple data jacks allowing both you and your roommate to connect to the wired network.
  • If you live in a residence hall that contains one data jack per person but you want to connect more than one device to the wired network, you can purchase and install a 10/100 switch. Be careful to only buy a switch, not a router. They are not the same thing. Routers are not allowed on the network.
  • Network Guidelines for Responsible Computing
  • IT 1.06 Acceptable Use of Information Technology
  • IT 3.00 Information Technology


  • None