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Gamecock Cable Television Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the number to call if I have a cable TV problem?
    Students - Call the Housing FIXX line at 803-777-3499.
    Faculty and Staff - Call the Service Desk at 803-777-1800. 

  2. Why can’t my TV tune in any Gamecock Cable channels?
    Cable TV service is provided for every room in student housing and various academic spaces throughout the campus. Effective August 14, 2016, all channels are provided in a ‘QAM’ digital format. This is done to provide you with the highest quality digital and high definition channels.

    All televisions on campus must contain a QAM digital tuner to receive the channels. Older analog televisions are no longer compatible with the Gamecock cable TV system. Most televisions today are digital/QAM compliant, however less expensive or budget televisions may not be. To find out if your television has a QAM tuner, check the specifications in your owner's manual, or visit the manufacturer's website.

  3. What is a QAM tuner and how do I know if my TV has one?
    A QAM tuner allows your TV to tune to digital or HD channels. Most, but not all, TVs that were made after 2006 have a QAM tuner built in.
    • You can search online by make/model of your TV or reference your TV’s owner’s manual for specific model information related to what type of tuner is present in your TV.

      • An example of what the manual may say if the TV has a QAM tuner:
        “Built in digital tuner (ATSC/Clear QAM)” or “NTSC/QAM“

    • Additionally, if your TV remote has the (.) or (-) symbol button for easy tuning or is able to display channels such as 5.2 or 5-2, your TV likely has a QAM tuner.

    • An example of what the manual may say if the TV does NOT have a QAM tuner:

      • “ATSC / NTSC Tuner” (there will be no mention of QAM)

    Please be advised that less expensive TVs sometime come with a lower quality QAM tuner that may be unable to tune all of the channels. We have found this to be true on certain models of bargain brands such as Apex, Dynex, Element, Haier, Seiki and Sylvania. If you are choosing one of these brands, please verify that the model has a QAM tuner.

  4. What if I already have a non-QAM TV? Are there any alternatives?
    If you own or have already purchased a non-QAM television, there are several manufactures that make low-cost digital converter boxes, which are available at electronic retail stores such as Walmart, KMart, Target, Best Buy and others. Brands and prices vary. Before purchasing a digital converter box, make sure to review the manufacturers specifications to ensure the converter supports Clear QAM tuning.

  5. Why can’t my TV tune in certain Gamecock Cable channels?
    If you have confirmed that your TV has a QAM tuner and you are still missing specific channels, you may need to set your TV to re-scan or auto-scan for channels. Make sure your TV is set to the Cable mode and not Antenna mode before scanning. If you continue to have issues, call the Service Desk at 803-777-1800, Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  6. What if the wall jack is broken?
    Students living in on campus housing:  Submit a request through FIXX online or report it to 803-777-FIXX
    (3499) so a technician can be sent to repair the jack.

    Faculty & Staff:  Call the Service Desk at 803-777-1800, Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  7. I don’t have a cable to connect my TV to the wall. What do I do?
    A coax cable can be purchased from the University Bookstore or from any retail store that carries electronics.

  8. Gamecock Cable does not carry my favorite channel. Whom do I talk to?
    Call the Service Desk at 803-777-1800, and ask them to submit a channel request. Gamecock Cable goes through great lengths to provide the most popular channel lineup to meet the needs and interests of the university community. Channel requests from students and other subscribers are considered when making decisions to amend the channel lineup.

  9. How do I know when my favorite show is playing?
    You can see a complete channel listing on channel 2.1 or visit for programming dates and times.

  10. I have a smart TV. Can I connect it to the university’s wired or wireless network in the residence halls?
    Yes, you can either connect the TV to the network jack in your room using a Cat6 Ethernet cable or connect it to wireless by selecting the EntertaiNET network. For assistance, contact the Service Desk at 803-777-1800, Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.