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Request a Listserv

To request a LISTSERV list please provide the information requested below. Please allow two business days for your request to be processed. If you do not receive notification that your list is ready within two business days, please call the 803-777-1800 to ask for assistance from the LISTSERV manager.

NOTE: If you have any trouble with this form, please call 803-777-1800 and request a LISTSERV consultant for assistance.

If you are wanting to create a LISTSERV list for a class, we suggest you consider Blackboard instead of, or in addition to a LISTSERV list. Blackboard is an easy-to-use instructional system, that allows you to populate a course website (including as many features as you desire: syllabus, assignments, announcements, quizzes). No knowledge of HTML or programming is required. Blackbloard also offers you group communication tools for your class: discussion boards, chat, and group email for class communications are built-in functions, and your students are automatically subscribed (automated by the class rolls from the student information databases). For information on using Blackboard for a class, visit the USC Blackboard site. You'll also find links to available training for USC faculty on Blackboard.

Owner Information
You'll need to supply your name and your exact email address. The address should be your actual full-blown email address EXACTLY as your email package shows your return address. It is not advisable to use a USC alias ( unless you have configured your email package to use that as your return address in emails you send.
If there are to be additional owners (optional for all but students), you'll need to supply those names and email addresses, too. (Students, remember, you must supply the name and email address of your faculty/staff sponsor.)
The "listname" is the name of your list. Email addressed to listname@LISTSERV.SC.EDU will send mail to your list's subscribers, so choose a name that will be easy to remember. We require names of 6-10 characters. The '-' symbol is the only non-alphanumeric character that can be used in the name, and the name must begin with an alphabetic character. You may want to use the -L LISTSERV convention when naming your list (for example, WECARE-L), but this isn't required.
The name must be unique on the USC LISTSERV server, so if it's already taken, we'll suggest alternatives for you to choose from. For USC class lists, we require the dept code and preferably the course id as part of the name (e.g., ENGL702L); this allows us to identify lists by department and course. For courses with many sections, you might choose an alternate based on your initials or the section (e.g., ENGL102JEM or ENGL102300). Class list names such as YOUTHLIT or POETICS can not be accepted. See the note about USC class lists for more information about creating class mailing lists, student subscriptions, etc.
List Title
The list title is a one-line title describing the list. This title will appear in the heading of mail distributed by the list, and will appear in the list description for public lists (those advertised on our server).
List Settings
You will next need to decide how you want your list to function. Following is a list of settings to choose from. Those items in boldface represent the default LISTSERV settings for lists at USC.
You may choose at this point simply to request a standard list. A standard list will be unmoderated, will have open subscriptions and private posting; it will be confidential (unadvertised from our server), and it will have minimum security setting. Only subscribers will be able to view a list of subscribers and look at the archives of list messages. Replies to the list will go to all members of the list. A person who posts a message will not receive a copy of his or her posting but only an acknowledgement that the message has been posted to the list.
If you have requested a standard list, you do not need to select settings individually. Skip to the end of this form to enter the text of your introduction to your list (optional) and to SUBMIT the form. If you wish to customize your list, please specify the settings you desire by selecting from the options below.
1. Unmoderated or Moderated:
2. Open subscriptions, By_owner subscriptions, or Closed subscriptions:
3. Private, Public, or Posting Restricted to Owner(s):
4. Confidential or Publicly Advertised list status:
5. Service Open or Restricted:
6. Private or Public REVIEW, or REVIEW restricted to listowner:
7. Send person posting message a copy of message: NO/YES
8. Replies go to List or Original Sender:
9. Keep an archive of messages sent to the list: YES/NO
How often? Weekly/Monthly/Individually
Open to Members only or Public?
By default LISTSERV will keep an archive of all messages distributed to your mailing list, and these will be stored on a weekly basis (every week a new archive is begun). You can choose not to keep an archive, or to keep one on a monthly basis. The web interface is not available to lists that do not maintain archives.
If an archive is kept, by default only persons subscribed to your list can retrieve files from it through the web interface (specifically at -- where the word 'LISTNAME' is substituted by the actual name of your list in lowercase. They can search the archives or view them in a threaded format and sort them by date/author, etc. This is true even of private lists, but only the subscribers may access the archives, and only with their email address and personal list password (set from the web interface).
NOTE: Archives for class lists are deleted at the end of each semester; for non-class lists, archives over one-year old are deleted every year at the end of Summer Session II. For example, at the conclusion of Summer Session II '03, archive files dated prior to August '02 will be deleted from the system. If you wish to retain archives for a longer period, you can copy them from the web interface to another location prior to this cleanup process.
Many other options/settings are available. If you have a question, call 803-777-1800 and request a LISTSERV consultant to discuss possible settings. And, remember, don't sweat the settings! You can always change settings later if you decide to handle things differently after an initial test period.
Write an Intro for your List Subscribers (optional)
For public lists (and perhaps even for special purpose restricted lists) you may want to write a little introductory document describing the list's coverage, intended audience, any restrictions you want to set on topics to be included in the discussion, information on any professional organization affiliations, etc. This information will be made emailed to all new subscribers.
NOTE: All new subscribers automatically get info about posting to the list, changing settings, signing off, so you needn't include these technical details.
Enter your Introduction here:
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