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University Technology Services


MATLAB Subscription Features

Enterprise (TAH) License Features

  • Unlimited individual/standalone licenses
      • Includes all faculty, staff and students on university and personal computers
  • Unlimited network server licenses
      • Create separate server licenses for secure labs, networks and other facilities
  • MATLAB Online
      • Acess to MATLAB from a web browser using a smartphone, tablet or computer anywhere in the world
  • Third Party Access for academic use
      • Provide access to MATLAB to faculty, staff and students from other universities
  • MATLAB Academy Enterprise Training (First year only)


Available Toolboxes:

MATLAB Product Family Simulink Product Family
  • Simulink

Control Systems

  • Aerospace Toolbox
  • Control System Toolbox
  • Fuzzy Logic Toolbox
  • Model Predictive Control Toolbox 
  • Robust Control Toolbox 
  • System Identification Toolbox 

 Control Systems

  • Robotics System Toolbox
  • Simulink Control Design
  • Simulink Design Optimization

Code Generation

  • MATLAB Coder

Code Generation

  • Embedded Coder
  • Simulink Coder

Signal Processing and Wireless Communications

  • Communications System Toolbox
  • Phased Array System Toolbox 
  • RF Toolbox 
  • Signal Processing Toolbox
  • Wavelet Toolbox 

Signal Processing and Wireless Communications

  • DSP System Toolbox

Image Processing and Computer Vision

  • Automated Driving System Toolbox
  • Computer Vision System Toolbox
  • Image Processing Toolbox
  • Image Acquisition Toolbox 
  • Mapping Toolbox 

Physical Modeling

  • Simscape
  • Simscape Multibody
  • Simscape Electronics 
  • Simscape Power Systems 

 Math, Statistics, and Optimization

  • Curve Fitting Toolbox 
  • Global Optimization Toolbox
  • Neural Network Toolbox 
  • Optimization Toolbox
  • Partial Differential Equation Toolbox
  • Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox
  • Symbolic Math Toolbox

 Real-Time Simulation and Testing

  • Simulink Desktop Real-Time
  • Simulink Real-Time

 Test and Measurement

  • Data Acquisition Toolbox
  • Instrument Control Toolbox
  • Vehicle Network Toolbox 

 Event-Based Modeling

  • Stateflow

 Computational Finance

  • Database Toolbox 
  • Spreadsheet Link 

 Parallel Computing

  • MATLAB Distributed Computing Server (32 worker)
  • Parallel Computing Toolbox

Computational Biology

  • Bioinformatics Toolbox

 Application Deployment

  • MATLAB Compiler 
  • MATLAB Compiler SDK 

Computational Biology

  • SimBiology