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Mac Installation Instructions

To install the Mac client perform the following steps:

  1. Download the corresponding BigFix client package file to the Mac computer. This is provided by your Bigfix administrator or network administrator.
  2. Copy the PKG file to any directory and copy the masthead file for your deployment into the same directory. Ensure that the masthead file is named actionsite.afxm.
  3. You might optionally include a pre-defined settings file (clientsettings.cfg) in the same directory as the PKG file and the actionsite.afxmfile, to create custom settings for the Mac client at installation time. The Client PKG, actionsite.afxm, and clientsettings.cfg are provided by your Bigfix or Network administrator.
  4. Launch the PKG installer by double-clicking the PKG file (such as and run through the installer. The agent starts up after the installation completes as long as the masthead file is included in the installation directory.