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Office 365 Project Status

Project Status Report

Project Name: Office365 Faculty/Staff Email Migration
Status Date: 1/31/2018
Description: The primary goal of this project is an organized and well-planned migration of mailboxes from an on premise Exchange 2010 (SP3) email system for all faculty/staff (employees) to Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud-hosted calendaring and email environment. 
Baseline Start Date: 1/3/2016
Planned End Date: 11/30/2018

Project Health

Scope Schedule Timeline Communications Overall
Yellow Green Green Green Yellow

 Status Details

  • PMO Methodology Stage: Executing
  • During the past two weeks we:
    • Sent email communications to the dual users to prepare for the migration (RITM0068321)
    • Working with the Encore Technology Group to re-validate the migration process and provide potential staff augmentation services to take a more in-depth role in the project
    • Review and define the remaining tasks items for completion of the project
    • Work with service desk to prepare for migration support issues
  • Next Milestones
    • Continue weekly team meetings
    • Continue work on communication plan
    • Continue work on application impact analysis (See Risk 041)
    • Continue work on primary email application UPN selection for (REQ0064839)
    • Plan to start pre-migration email process - mid-February
    • Plan to start duplicate mail box migrations – late February
  • Project schedule and overall are Yellow due to uncertainty of the AD team staffing and potential coverages (Risk 042)
  • Scope in Yellow due to risk of the impact to the external applications, (See Risk 041)

Issues & Risks

Type Description Date Created Assigned to Status Impact

Issue 005


Need to investigate provisioning changes related to migration of faculty/staff mailboxes (IBM AD Provisioning Changes)




(11/14) Will update after next technical team meeting.

Risk 015


 Employees/Students may temporarily lose access to student email address, (Risk to email access for approx. 2900 Faculty Staff who also have Student emails)




(12/1) Communication plan is being developed to address the dual email users and the broader community.

Risk 041 (High)

Risk of applications breaking from changes made in email migration.  Could impact scope or schedule


Scherba, Miller


(12/1) Testing has begun on the applications impacted by the email migration

Risk 042

Risk due to potential AD team staffing shortages


Scherba, Miller


Consider re-staffing and potential staff augmentation opportunities


Overall Project Health Scope Schedule Budget Communications

Project is within scope and/or all scope changes are approved

Project is on time and within the allotted time frame

Project within budget

All stakeholders (internal and external to DoIT) are aware of project activities, status, and pending actions


Scope change(s) under review

First status in which project deliverable dates are at risk of completion or project schedule changes are requested

First status in which contingency funds are being used or required additional fund request(s) are in process/under review

Occurs when all stakeholders are not aware/or participating in the current status updates; Also, when the time frame of notification regarding actions/activities are delayed


Pending Scope change decision is impacting timeline/budget

Project activities are overdue or projected to be over due

Project over/or projected to be over budget; or pending budget change request that is impacting timeline/scope

Failure to communicate project status and/or project activities with all stakeholders in a timely manner