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Faculty/Staff Email Migration to Microsoft Cloud

Over the next few months, all employee email, calendar and contacts will be moved to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud. The move will combine our student, faculty and staff emails in a single system, allowing for better collaboration between students and employees. After employee email is moved to the cloud:

  • Students and employees will be able to use online calendars to schedule meetings or free/busy search. Currently, employees cannot busy search a student's calendar and vice-versa.
  • There will be a common address book for everyone. Employees can easily locate the email address of students.
  • Our email environment will be more secure. Employee email information is currently stored on physical servers in the university data center. Moving accounts to the cloud will reduce the risk of lost data due to natural disasters, etc. 
  • Employees will continue to be able to access email from the Outlook icon on their computer or on a mobile device. In addition, it can be accessed via the web. 
  • Employees will have larger mailbox sizes after the move (50 GB) and better integration with many of the services offered in Office 365, including Skype and OneDrive.

Detailed Information

Some employees also have a student email account. This may be due to the fact that the employee took a class(es) with the university in recent years, or they even graduated from the university. These individuals are called "dual account holders" and will see different scenarios during the move than employees who only have one account. Please click the link below to find information specific to you. 

*Dual Account Users must delete their @mailbox profile in Outlook on the computer and all other devices (tablets & smartphones) at the end of the work day on their specific migration date.

For example: Username A-G will delete @mailbox at end of day on Sept. 18th.

Information for Dual Account users Click the link to the left if you have both an (student) account and an account (employee).

Information for Faculty/Staff

Click this link if you only have an or other employee account.
Technical Information for IT Support Professionals This link provides more detailed, technical information for IT contacts within departments, colleges, etc. 


Profile Deletion & Creation on PC

Profile Deletion & Creation on MAC

Profile Deletion & Creation on iPad/iPhone

Profile Deletion & Creation on Android

Save Personal Contact/Distribution Groups to New Profile on PC


Faculty/Staff Email Migration Schedule

Migration Graphic

What is my Office 365 Username?