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University Technology Services

IT Roadmap

Understanding our Strategic Roadmap

A strategic roadmap guides an organization toward achieving long-term results, while keeping with the mission and guiding principles.  The development of a strategic roadmap is important for many reasons.  It is a visual communication tool that shows a time-bound view of where an organization is, where it wants to go, and how teams need to align to accomplish a common purpose.   University Technology Services (UTS) believes that sharing our strategic roadmap with our staff, business partners, stakeholders and colleagues will encourage open communication and ensure we are on the right track to meet the needs of our customers.  Technology environments are continually changing and we at UTS are committed to reaching our goals to better serve the University of South Carolina. 

The UTS roadmap spans four years, from 2015 to 2018.  Down the left side of the chart, swim lanes are labeled with the categories of work that are in-progress or are planned in the four-year window.  The graphic legend at the top right of the page explains the various ways work efforts are displayed within the swim lanes.  The title will help readers identify individual efforts within the categories of work.  To the right of the title, the reader will see a yellow, green or red rectangular box.  The color of the box represents the phase of the effort. For example, yellow represents a planning phase, green represents an operational phase, and red represents the ending phase.  At the bottom of the roadmap, readers will find a category called Deferred Efforts.  The Deferred Efforts swim lane includes titles of work efforts that have been identified, but are not yet scheduled.  It is important to list work efforts that are “on the radar” to indicate that these efforts have not been overlooked. 

Please provide any feedback to We look forward to hearing from you as we prepare for our next planning session.