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Poster Frame Guidelines

Thomas Cooper Library provides a limited space for advertising through placement of posters.  To ensure the advertising is effective and organized, the following policy will apply.

Any registered campus organization may apply for use of the poster frame located on Main Level near the elevators.  Thomas Cooper will accept reservations at any time of the year with the exception of winter and spring break.  For reservations, please contact Special Projects at 777-1952 or


  • Only registered campus organizations may apply for reservations.
  • Posters must promote university related activities or efforts.
  • Requests for promotions of political campaigns will not be accepted.
  • No advertising for restaurants, gambling, or illegal activities.
  • A copy of the proposed poster must be approved by the library before they are placed.
  • Thomas Cooper Library reserves the right to deny a request for any poster.
  • Any requests denied, or content that does not fulfill these guidelines may be placed on the information board on the Main floor. (This board is cleared every Monday morning.)


  • To make reservations please fully complete the attached form.
  • Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance and are recognized on a first come, first served basis.
  • When making reservations please have at least one back up date in mind.
  • Campus organizations may utilize the poster frame in Thomas Cooper Library for one-week periods once a semester.
  • If your request cannot be honored you may elect to be put on a waiting list for your proposed dates.
  • Thomas Cooper Library reserves the right to deny any reservations.


  • Posters may be sized 11” x 17” up to 18” x 24” and sit vertically in the frames.
  • All designs must be approved by the library.
  • Organizations are expected to provide all posters ready to be placed in the frames.
  • Thick, heavy-duty paper is suggested.


  • Posters should be brought to the Communications Department at least two days prior to the beginning of the advertising week.
  • Staff in the Library Communications Department, will hang the posters in the frames.
  • Library staff will remove the posters on the last day of their assigned week.
  • If the sponsoring group would like to keep the posters, arrangements can be made prior to hanging them in the library.
  • All posters not claimed, prior to hanging, will be discarded by library staff.

Thomas Cooper Library is not responsible for the destruction or defacing of posters.

Other areas for advertising within Thomas Cooper Library.

  1. Information board on the Main Floor near Cooper’s Corner. (This board is cleared every Monday morning.) 
  2. Table Tents.

If you have any questions, please contact the Thomas Cooper Library Communications Department at or Jane Olsgaard at

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