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University Libraries

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

University Libraries is committed to striving for diversity and inclusion in our collections, staff and outreach to the Carolina community.

A Statement from University of South Carolina Libraries

University Libraries reaffirms our commitment to uphold the University of South Carolina’s core values of diversity of ideas and people as outlined in the Carolinian Creed. We will create a learning community grounded in knowledge, dialogue, respect and acceptance. Academic libraries position themselves as sources of wisdom and centers of learning for the community. At times, we have filled these roles admirably. At other times, we have failed. We cannot erase the past, but we can commit ourselves to building a better future by being honest about what we are and what we need to be.


Provides support to all subcommittees, including assistance with keeping track of deadlines and action items.

Explore and recommend training options for the library, including those provided by the university and outside resources.

Contact: Valerie Lookingbill at

Explore and recommend opportunities for improving the diversity in our workforce, including:

  • Create strategies to improve recruitment and retention of a more diverse staff by targeting outreach, developing partnerships and increasing advertisements outside of traditional areas.
  • Increase visibility of LIS profession through outreach, targeting in particular those populations typically underrepresented in the profession.

Contact: Timothy Simmons at

Explore and recommend opportunities to build more inclusive and diverse language and content into library communications, programming and exhibits, including creating policies to respect cultural and religious holidays.

Contact: Graham Duncan at

Review and report on how diversity is incorporated into current collection development policies and application and make proposals for improved practices. Advise on collections strategies including:

  • Providing equity within the acquisition and processing of library materials.
  • Seeking and collecting content created by and representative of underrepresented and underserved groups.
  • Regularly assessing the effectiveness of existing collections to ensure reflection of the diversity of our library community.
  • Procuring content in all languages used in the library’s community, when possible.
  • Selecting content in a wide variety of formats to ensure accessibility and to demonstrate the library’s commitment to equity.  

Contact: Brent Appling at

Identify and document our procedures for responding to incidents that involve “othering,” and seek out best practices through university and outside resources.

Committee Members

Brent Appling
Paul Cammarata
Taryn Cooksey
Graham Duncan
Amie Freeman
Randy Heard
Zella Hilton
Todd Hoppock
Andrea L'Hommedieu
Valerie Lookingbill
Kyle McMillion
Lydia Pappas
Timothy Simmons
Jodi Spillane

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