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University 101 Programs

Emma Reabold

Title:          Assistant Director for Peer Leadership
Phone:     803-777-6709

Emma Reabold is primarily responsible for the recruitment, selection, matching, and training of University 101 Peer Leaders and Graduate Leaders. She also serves as an instructor for the leadership development course, EDLP 520: The Teacher as Manager, as well as the first-year seminar course, UNIV 101: The Student in the University.

Prior to coming to the University of South Carolina, Emma served as an Academic Advising and Coaching Specialist at Clemson University. In this role, she was responsible for advising undeclared students and Former Students Reenrolling, providing academic coaching to undergraduate students at Clemson, and coordinating the Peer Success Leader program.

Educational Background

Master of Education - Counselor Education and Student Affairs
Clemson University, 2015

Bachelor of Science - Psychology and English with an Emphasis in Creative Writing
Presbyterian College, 2013

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