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How Dillon Linder found his passion and his major

It can be hard to calibrate your expectations of an entirely new experience, especially when you're asked on your application to decide what you'll study for the next four years.

For many students, their major is certain. For others, it's a work in progress. Dillion Linder decided he would go his own path and start as an undecided major. It's a decision that shaped his future and one he wouldn't change.

Discover where you belong

Dillon came to Carolina unsure of what to study, but involvement in a student organization helped him discover an interest in criminal justice.

"Being involved in an organization is really what helped me choose my major. One of my friends introduced me to the Carolina Judicial Council (CJC), which really piqued my interest in the justice system."

Connect it to the classroom

Dillon's involvement in the CJC led him to take two criminal justice courses to see if he would genuinely want to study it.

"I took the Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure courses. The professors got me interested in the material, and the coursework really solidified that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life."

Dillon continues to get involved in his major, and he serves as a Page for the S.C. State House.

"After knowing the criminal justice program was for me, I joined the pre-law fraternity to get involved with like-minded students."

324 ways to find your fit

Dillion never experienced stress surrounding his decision to be an undeclared major. In fact, he used it to his advantage.

"Going undeclared really opens up all the different opportunities you have to explore different majors before you find the one you really love."

Whether you remain open to new possibilities or declare undecided, exploring your opportunities takes confidence and support. You'll find both at Carolina.

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