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Undergraduate Admissions Admitted Students

List of Undergraduate Advisers

The following deans or assistants assign advisors for transfer and readmitted students. Your dean is assigned according to the intended major you requested on your application. If you are considering changing your intended major, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and ask to speak with an admissions counselor. Changes should be requested prior to advisement and registration.

College of Arts and Sciences

Flinn Hall (Room 110), 777-2505 or 777-2993
Loren W. Knapp, Ph.D., Assistant Dean
Theresa Ashley, Administrative Assistant
Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts majors:
Director of Student Services: Dawn Hiller
Dean's Staff Advisors: Lauren Chapman, Douglas Roberts, Jodi Salter

Sciences, Mathematics, and Statistics majors:
Director of Student Services: Jennifer Shiver
Dean's Staff Advisor: Cammie Steele

Darla Moore School of Business

DMSB (Room 301), 777-2191
Co-Directors: Mackenzie King and Brian Shelton
Advisors: Libby Foreman, Brittain Goff, Amanda Guess, Emily Longshore, Meredith McNeice, Christy Stephens, Lauren Stefan

First Year Advisors: Deon Jacobs, Lauren Kozlik, Paige McKeown, Chinell Singletary

College of Education

Athletic Training, Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle Level, and Physical Education majors:
Wardlaw (Room 113), Student Services, 777-6732
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Affairs: Rob Dedmon
Director of Student Services: Donna Watson
Advisors: Lauren Brown, Peyton Paradiso, Kristy Sokol
First Year Adviser: Susan Vinson

College of Engineering & Computing

Swearingen Engineering Center Student Services, 777-4177
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs: Dr. Jed S. Lyons
Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs: Ruth Patterson
Administrative Assistant: Laura Embler
Advisors: Susan Jarvie, Becky Mayo
First Year Advisers: Sarah Jusiewicz, TIffany Lide, Brian McCaster


College of Hospitality, Retail & Sport Management

Coliseum (Suite 120), 777-3374
Assistant Dean of Student Services: Kathy Smiling
First Year Advisers: Kate Blanton, Whitney Jett

Advisers: Emily Baldwin, Valeria Bates, William Beckham, Caroline Gamble, Reenea Harrison

College of Mass Communications and Information Studies

Journalism majors: 800 Sumter Street, 777-8528
Director of Student Services: Art Farlowe
Advisor: Therea Masters
Information Science majors: Davis College (Room 105), 777-4028
Undergraduate Advisor: Andy Thomas
College of Information and Communications First Year Advisers: 800 Sumter Street, 777-8528
Camea Cato, Gina Polizzi

School of Music

Music Building, 777-5651

College of Nursing

Williams-Brice Nursing Building (Room 208), 777-7412
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs: Dr. Kathleen LaSala
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies: Prof. Kimberly Glenn
Advisers: Zamyra Dow-Shaw, T'Kara Richardson, Heidi Waltz

College of Pharmacy

Coker Life Sciences (Room 109), 777-4151
Associate Dean: Dr. Wayne Buff
Assistant Dean: Dr. Amy Grant
Advisors: Nikki Mellen, Alfred Moore, Dianne Wise

Arnold School of Public Health

Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Student Services: Dr. Sara Corwin

Exercise Science majors: Blatt Physical Education Center (Room 101)

Undergraduate Program Director: Barbara Cuevas, 777-1263
Advisor: Joyce Gossard, 777-1707
Advisor: Morgan Porter, 777-3050

Public Health majors: Public Health Research Center (Suite 206)
Advisor (last name A-F): Christine Palmer, 777-6136
Advisor (last name G-K): Dr. Charlotte Galloway, 777-6136
Advisor (last name L-P): Dr. Sara Corwin, 777-6136
Advisor (last name Q-Z): Dr. Kara Montgomery, 777-6136

College of Social Work

Hamilton College - Pendleton Wing, 777-1993
Interim Associate Dean: Dr. Miriam Johnson
BSW and Undergraduate Program Coordinator: Dr. Dan Freedman
Field Education Coordinator: Nicole Cavanagh, LISW-CP
Student Services Coordinator I: Andre’ Grant
Student Services Coordinator II: Rushondra James, MSW

Non-Degree Student Advisement

Office of Evening & Non-Degree Programs (for non-degree student advisement only):
Byrnes Building (Room 615), 777-9850
Instructor and Student Services Coordinator: Amanda Therrell

Fort Jackson Program

Army Continuing Education Services Center, Room A-118, Ft. Jackson
Director: Connie Vise, 782-8810
Advisor: Shirley Brown, 782-8810

Undergraduate Admissions Admitted Students