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Undergraduate Admissions Admitted Students

Welcome, Non-Degree Students!

Here are the important things to do in order to make your transition to the University of South Carolina as smooth as possible:

1. Successfully log in to Self Service Carolina

Self Service Carolina (SSC) is your personal student account that you will use during your years at Carolina. Get started by claiming your VIP ID and referring to the information included with your acceptance letter. Remember to write down your VIP ID and password. After you successfully log into SSC, please bookmark

2. Complete multifactor authentication

You are required to complete a two-step verification process called "multifactor authentication."

To set up your multifactor authentication, visit and log in with your VIP ID and password. After correctly answering your previously established security question, you will register and activate the phone number you would like to use to verify your identity any time you log in to the university’s information systems.

For more information, visit this site and click the “How do I get started?” question. If you need additional assistance, please contact University Technology Services at (803) 777-1800.

3. Set up Your Student Email

After claiming your VIP ID and setting your password, you can set up your student email. It is important to set up your email account in order to receive important information from several university offices. 


4. Submit your Immunization Record and Citizenship Status Verification Forms

Before you are eligible to register for any course, you must submit the Citizenship Status Verification Form to the Office of the University Registrar. Students born after 1956 are required to submit the Immunization Record Form to the Thomson Student Health Center.

5. Contact the Office of Evening & Non-Degree Programs at 803-777-9850 to Schedule an Appointment for Advisement

All undergraduate non-degree students must be advised before they can register for any University of South Carolina course. As an accepted non-degree undergraduate student, you can only register for undergraduate courses. Please note that many courses, including all math and foreign language courses, require the appropriate placement test score to be on file. For more information about registering for the Math Placement Test, please visit this site. For more information about registering for the Foreign Language Placement test, please go to this site.

6. Complete Residency Certification Form

Students claiming South Carolina residency for tuition purposes are required to the complete the South Carolina Residency Certification form on Self Service Carolina. Visit Self Service Carolina and click “Access South Carolina residency information” under “Newly Admitted Students.”


Additional Information about Non-Degree Enrollment

Please be advised that credit earned as a non-degree student does not “replace” coursework attempted at another college or university. Therefore, if a student wants to eventually be considered for degree-seeking admission, he or she must meet the admission requirements for their intended major.

If an enrolled non-degree student is interested in taking courses at the University of South Carolina in the next major (fall or spring) semester, he or she may have to reapply for admission. Some categories of non-degree admission, including transient/visiting, require a new application for admission. ROTC cross-town enrollment, and Music cross-town enrollment are required to submit new cross-town enrollment forms each semester. Please note that admission for a future semester is never guaranteed, and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions reserves the right to determine which credentials a student needs to submit before continued enrollment, or an application for a future term is considered. If you are an enrolled non-degree student and wish to take classes in a future semester, we strongly urge you to contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (803) 777-7700 and ask to speak with an admissions counselor.

Undergraduate Admissions Admitted Students