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Study Abroad Office

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Graduate and Professional Students

Graduate and professional students traveling abroad for university-related purposes register with our office, per USC policy ACAF 2.09. Graduate students participating in USC faculty-led Global Classroom Programs should register according to those guidelines

To Apply:

PART 1: Initial Application

  • Log on to Symplicity and set a password.
  • Search for "Graduate Program". (Note: search "+SPARC" for SPARC Grants.)
  • Complete the online program application. You will manually enter the details of your specific graduate activity abroad. 
  • Complete insurance enrollment form, found within the Documents Library of your Graduate Program application. Upload the insurance enrollment form directly to the Documents tab in your Symplicity application.

PART 2: Upon Acceptance into Program

  • View the pre-departure video modules on Academics, Health, Safety, and Navigating Culture.
  • If you are receiving transfer credit from abroad, please upload the Study Abroad Approval Form to the Documents tab in your Symplicity application. Please contact our office if you need this form.