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Study Abroad Office

Program Development Process

The typical development timeline for a short-term, faculty-led program is 12 - 14 months from the time your program proposal is submitted for approval until your group departs. This will allow adequate time for you to develop the program concept, gain approval, put logistics in place, market the program to students, accept applications and prepare the group for departure.

Meet with your academic department and the Study Abroad Office to discuss your program ideas and objectives. Consult with travel service providers and overseas partners to outline itinerary, costs and logistics. If you're offering a for-credit program, develop program academic component and syllabus, including contact hours, course title, and course number.  

Submit your Global Classroom Proposal, with departmental approval signatures, to the Study Abroad Office for review by the campus-wide Overseas Program Approval Committee. You will receive notification of program approval status from the Study Abroad Office. Once your program is approved, attend the Program Implementation Workshop to discuss next steps. 

Determine final budget and set a program fee to be collected from students. Establish payment and withdrawal policies and obtain a Z account number from your home department. Attend the Global Classroom Financial Management Workshop with your departmental business manager to learn more about study abroad program budget matters. 

Confirm the final program itinerary, accommodation, transportation, meals, and other logistics. If you're working with a service or logistics provider, you will need to establish a contract outlining the details of the program arrangements and responsibilities. Once you have reviewed the contract, forward it to the Study Abroad Office for approval and USC signature routing. 

Develop marketing materials for the program and take part in recruitment events such as the Study Abroad Fair. Establish internal application procedures and deadlines, and instruct students to also complete the Study Abroad Office application. Once contract is signed and departmental Z account is established, begin collecting student deposits. 

Attend mandatory Crisis Management Workshop. Hold pre-departure sessions for your students to discuss health, safety, cultural differences, and logistics. Make payments to logistics providers according to payment deadlines. Collaborate with Study Abroad to ensure that all students have completed university travel registration. Submit your own Contact Information Abroad Form to Study Abroad Office for notification in case of emergencies. Submit Program Leader Expense Form for documentation of expense reimbursement. 


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