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Study Abroad Office

  • A volunteer with local children abroad. (Courtesy of the Peace Corp)

Intercultural Competence

The third core competency will help you to focus on your own self-awareness so you can learn to engage thoughtfully and fluidly across cultures.

Deepen Your Cultural Agility

Through a mix of introspective courses and experiences, you will reflect upon your own self in relation to others in order to build your capacity to shift perspective and behavior around relevant cultural differences.

You must take three courses similar to, or identical to, the ones below:

  • ANTH 102 – Understanding Other Cultures
  • ANTH 208 – Anthropology of Globalization and Development
  • ANTH 210 – The Human Life Cycle in Different Cultures
  • ANTH 211 – Learning Across Cultures
  • GEOG 121 - Globalization and World Regions
  • GEOG 210 - Peoples, Places, and Environments
  • POLI 101 - Introduction to Global Politics
  • POLI 380 - Comparative Politics of Developing Countries
  • RELG 101 - Exploring Religions
  • SOCY 315 - Global Population Issues
  • SOCY 101- Introduction to Sociology
  • Anything from the list of courses to fulfill the diversity part of the Leadership Studies minor.
  • Most of the courses listed under the Global Studies major.

You can substitute two of the courses above for two of the courses or experiences from the list below:

  • Study/internship/service learning/experience abroad program approved by the Center for International Studies, Career Center, Study Abroad Office, USC Connect, and/or the Leadership and Service Center. This program should have a specific purpose or academic content and should be supported with relevant coursework.
  • Any academic catalog course with “international” or “global” in the title.
  • 50 hours of relevant volunteer work with new immigrants to the US, international students during their first semester on campus, and/or in a Title I (K-12) setting where you work with ethnically diverse groups.

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