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Student Success Center

Peer Leader Advisors

We provide a network to connect advisors of peer leader groups with others and enhance the student leadership experience on campus. 

What is PLAN?

The Peer Leader Advisors/Supervisors Network (PLAN) is a campus-wide, collaborative effort, coordinated by the Student Success Center. The network's mission is to advance peer leader programs on campus by providing resources and professional development for supervisors and advisors.


Core Functions 

  • Centralization of resources
  • Organization of recognition, development and networking opportunities
  • Fulfillment of Beyond The Classroom Matters™ (BTCM) guidelines
  • Promotion of Graduation with Leadership Distinction (GLD) which is a signature program of USC Connect 


Goals and Initiatives

Centralize peer leadership resources

  • Gather and provide CAS Standards/best practice research
  • Provide organization for easy access to shared materials, such as training curricula materials and activities (submitted by members)
  • Distribute and disseminate annual Peer Leader surveys/assessments in collaboration with BTCM and USC Connect

Provide networking, recognition and development opportunities

  • Manage and publicize monthly peer leader advisor/supervisor spotlights
  • Create and implement regular network communication (i.e. social media or newsletters)
  • Coordinate annual advisor/supervisor strategic planning retreat/event(s)

Assist advisors in developing, cataloging and assessing learning outcomes

  • Facilitate professional development workshops (on an array of topics, related to BTCM)

Assist advisors in developing materials and connecting students to Graduation with Leadership Distinction

  • Facilitate professional development workshops (on an array of topics, related to GLD)

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