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Student Success Center

Academic Workshops

Enhance your academic experience by attending a workshop. You'll gain a fresh perspective from exploring and discussing concepts with your fellow students, and you'll leave with new tools to apply to your studies.

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The Student Success Center offers a wide variety of academic & financial decision-making and skill development workshops. Follow the link to schedule one for your class or organization.  


Workshops for Organizations

Submit a request form to have the SSC facilitate a workshop for your organization or residence hall. A staff member will follow-up with you within two to three business days.

Workshops are 40 to 50 minutes long and must be held in an environment that is conducive to student learning. Please submit all requests at least two weeks in advance.

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Workshops Offered

Active Study

Students have many different approaches to learning and studying. It is important to demonstrate higher order learning as well as recognize and build upon the active study skills that work best for each individual student in order to help lead them to academic success. The "Active Study" presentation will utilize interactive activities and discussions on Blooms Taxonomy, the GAMES academic skills inventory, and the study cycle to provide tools to identify the current study behaviors of each student and those that could be improved.

Preparing for Exams

Students will build a practical study plan for their final exams by exploring personal study strategies and practicing how to break exam materials down into smaller study units.

Time Management & Prioritization

Every student is different, but one of the things that remains constant is the amount of time within each week. Although students bring with them a broad array of circumstances and obligations, managing the time that they have is important to their personal and academic success. This interactive workshop will allow students to think about decision-making as it pertains to time management. Tips and strategies will also be shared with students to help them manage multiple completing priorities.


Financial Literacy Workshops

Fortify your knowledge of personal financial concepts and find tools to incorporate good financial practices into your daily life.