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Student Health Services

Holiday Inn Downtown

1233 Washington St. Columbia, SC 29201 

Rules of Conduct: Failure to comply with any rules will be grounds for dismissal from the premises. 

  • Please remain in your room at all times. For issues or emergencies with your room, please call the Desk by dialing 0.  ***Please do not leave your assigned space for the entirety of your quarantine/isolation time. If you leave your room, you risk exposing others in the building to COVID-19. Students that violate public health orders will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity.  If you do leave the building, you will not be allowed back in and will need to find other housing arrangements.  
  • Do not invite friends or family over to the quarantine or isolation space. We encourage the use of phone and video technology (Facetime, Zoom, Teams, etc.) to connect to your friends and family during this time.  
  • Food will be delivered each day directly to your room around noon. Three meals will be in this delivery pack for dinner, lunch and breakfast the following day.   
  • Mail service will not be directed to your location.   
  • No smoking or any other illegal activity in the rooms. 
  • Do NOT attempt to tamper with the smoke detectors as it will set off alarms. 
  • In the event of a fire alarm do not use the elevators. Please exit the building through emergency exits located on either end of your hallway. 
  • UofSC’s Student Code of Conduct is strictly enforced. 

If you need fresh linens or towels, please call the front desk and they will provide you with a fresh set.  We ask that you leave your dirty linens outside your door. 

All rooms come with a Keurig machine, please bring your own pods for comfort during your stay. 

For issues (towels, bathroom tissue, etc.) or emergencies with your room, please call the Front Desk by dialing 0.  

Trash removal  

Please place all trash outside your door by 3:00 p.m. for each day you need pick up (Monday-Friday only).  

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