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Student Disability Resource Center

Fall 2020 Alternative Testing Updates

These frequently asked questions (FAQs) are regarding COVID-19 and current test proctoring accommodation procedures.

  • The SDRC is proctoring exams for any face-to-face courses.
  • If your class is online, we still recommend that you sign up for your exam with the SDRC so that your professors know you want to use your approved accommodations, however the SDRC will not proctor online exams.  If you have a specific question or concern about this, we are happy to work with you and your instructor!
  • We will work with faculty to ensure that registered students receive their approved accommodations.
  • Student should still request their exams through AIM so that faculty are notified of your accommodations.
  • The late request deadline is now five (5) days. You should request to take your exam with accommodations at least five(5) days prior to your exam. 
  • Due to physical distancing guidelines, the SDRC has a very limited number of seats. We may not be able to test you on the day of your exam, but we are asking faculty to be flexbile with dates and times that students are taking exams. 
  •  Let us know! We can follow up with your instructor with a reminder to complete the Alternative Testing Agreement. You can also send them a friendly reminder to complete it, and let them know the link to complete the agreement is in the Faculty Notification Letter they received for you. 
  • Your extra time accommodation is listed under "Alternative Testing". You can always check your approved accommodations on AIM - they are listed under My Eligibility!
  • If you request to take an exam with accommodations through AIM, that gives your instructor the information that they need to provide you with your accommodations.
  • If your professor is allowing multiple days to take an exam and you would like to take it over the weekend, please email both the professor and the SDRC Testing Coordinator at
  • As a reminder, SDRC staff and DoIT staff are not available on weekends should something happen with your exam. Please plan accordingly!
  • If you log into your exam and see that your time has not been adjusted appropriately, please log out of the exam immediately and email both the professor and the SDRC Testing Coordinator at

  • Email your instructor immediately so they have a timestamp of when you were having issues. 
  • If you are having WiFi or connection issues, please contact DoIT at 803-777-1800
  • No! You pay for ProctorU based on the time your professor sets. If the professor sets 1 hour for the exam, you will pay for 1 hour. However, you will receive your extended time accommodation on top of that 1 hour. 
If you need additional Test Proctoring assistance, please email us at or call 803-576-8457.

If in need of additional Test Proctoring assistance, please email us at or call 803-576-8457.

If experiencing technical difficulties, call 803-777-1800 or submit a request through Self-Service Portal.

If in need of additional class support, scroll to the "Information for Students" section on the Frequently Asked Questions webpage from the Office of the Provost. 


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