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Weather Update: UofSC Columbia campus will be closed Friday, Sept. 30 due to inclement weather. Classes are canceled and only essential personnel are required to report to campus. See for updates.

Student Disability Resource Center

Campus Resources

Counseling Services (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Work one-on-one with a trained and licensed mental health provider to work toward growth and self-improvement in a safe and confidential environment

Website: Counseling and Psychiatry 
Phone: 803-777-5223
Campus Location: Thompson Building, Second-Fourth floors

Psychiatric Services (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Our providers can help with psychiatric evaluations, diagnosis and treatment recommendations for mental, emotional and behavioral problems.

Website: Counseling and Psychiatry 
Phone: 803-777-1833
Campus Location: Thompson Building, Second-Fourth floors

University Health Services (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Comprehensive medical and mental health care services on campus

Website: University Health Services 
Phone: 803-777-3175
Campus Location: Center for Health and Well-Being

Writing Center (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Helps students during any part of the writing process

Website: The Writing Center
Phone: 803-777-2078
Campus Location: Byrnes Building, Room 703

National Fellowship and Scholar Programs (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Oversees the application process for nationally competitive fellowships

Website: National Fellowships and Scholar Programs
Phone: 803-777-9058
Campus Location: DeSaussure Building, Room 328

Graduate Student Association (Graduate)

Dedicated to the advancement and development of Graduate and Professional Students at UofSC

Website: Graduate Student Association
Email Address: 
Campus Location: Russell House, Room 227C

Student Success Center (Undergraduate)

One-stop-shop for academic support services on campus

Website: Student Success Center
Email Address: 
Campus Location: Thomas Cooper Library, Mezzanine Level

Career Center (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Educates and empowers students and alumni in their development of a lifelong career 

Website: Career Center
Email Address:
Campus Location: Thomas Cooper Library, Level 5

Voter Registration (Undergraduate and Graduate)

To register in your state visit: 


Return to Registered Student Information page. 

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