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Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

Emergency Action

If a student or organization is believed to be a threat to campus safety, health or operations, the university may take emergency action. The action is interim in nature, pending the outcome of conduct procedures. 

Violating An Emergency Action

Violations of the emergency actions will result in a minimum of an immediate one-year suspension as well as any other disciplinary action.

Possible Emergency Actions

If you are suspended under an emergency action, you must leave campus or any other university property immediately. You will not be able to return during the suspension period and you will need to comply with other stated conditions for that period.

Violating Your Emergency Suspension
If you return to campus or any university property, or violate other conditions during your suspension, you may be treated as a trespasser.

There will be limits on what you can do on-campus and which events you can attend, but you will still be enrolled at the university. You may be prohibited from certain places on campus, or have to fulfill certain conditions before you can regain privileges for activities, events or building access.

If you are preventing the university from providing a safe and comfortable living environment for all residents, you may be relocated or removed from housing altogether.

Usually done immediately, and to our first available vacancy.

You will have two to three days to vacate your residence. If you are removed from university housing, you will not be able to live in any university building for the rest of your time at USC.

Your organization may be suspended or restricted for an interim period of time pending the outcome of conduct proceedings. During suspension the organization may be required to cease all organizational activities and vacate any assigned university space immediately. 


Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

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