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Student Affairs and Academic Support

New Professional Symposium

The New Professional Symposium (NPS) is designed to assist new Student Affairs professionals and graduate assistants in developing skills, gaining insight from seasoned professionals and networking with colleagues.  


Where: Russell House Ballroom
Connect with fellow new professionals and make a plan for your day at NPS.

Where: Russell House Ballroom
Learn more about the day ahead while enjoying breakfast and coffee.

Where: Russell House Ballroom
Join Dr. April Barnes, University Housing; Mitch Nettesheim, Student Life; and Althea Counts, TRIO Programs, for a keynote conversation about being new to their roles at UofSC. They will each share their career journey with opportunities for questions from NPS attendees.

Where: Russell House, 203
Presenter: Dr. Marc Shook, Dean of Students and Deputy Title IX Director

Given today’s climate surrounding party politics at the state and national level, there appears to be a negative general perception among many new student affairs administrators about “navigating campus politics.” This session provides attendees the opportunity to consider both currently seen and unseen political dimensions on campus that impact a variety of basic student affairs functions, including, but not limited to: resource allocation, career preservation/advancement, and strategic positioning. Specific emphasis is placed on the intersections of power dynamics, bureaucratic hierarchies, personal integrity, and job satisfaction.

Where: Russell House, 205
Presenters: Helen Powers, Director and Chris Lewandowski, Assistant Director - Career Center

Internationally beloved brands such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Coca-Cola and Toyota have achieved success by cultivating reputations that are trusted for their consistency, predictability, uniqueness and quality. As a professional, you too can become a trusted and respected brand, creating a positive reputation and professional identity. In this session, we will explore qualities that can enhance Brand You. We will discuss ways you can improve your personal brand, including the power of intentional messaging, authenticity and "damage control."

Where: Russell House, 302
Presenter: Rebecca D'Attilio, Experiential Education Manager - Career Center

Have you ever thought you were being friendly, only to be ignored? Or have you ever thought it was obvious that you were sad, but everyone thought you were angry with them? Sometimes we think our actions are clear as crystal, when in reality they are clear as mud. By relying on psychological research as well as reflecting on our personal experiences and engaging in activities that put us in someone else's shoes, we will discuss why people misunderstand each other, and how we can overcome this challenge to collaborate better at work.

Where: Russell House, 303
Presenter: Camille Darby, Associate Director of Fraternity & Sorority Housing - Student Life

Do you really understand credit? How about loans? And what do you actually need to buy a house? Shouldn't someone have told you about these things already? Well, if they haven't, this presentation is for you! Learn the basics of personal finance and gain skills to set yourself up for success.

Where: Russell House, 203
Presenter: Christina Jones, Licensed Professional Counselor - Student Health Services

You can learn a lot about a person by how they manage disappointments, frustrations, and setbacks. Nobody wants to be the person whom others view as rigid, irrational, or passive aggressive. When our expectations are not met, we sometimes get stuck and feel trapped, but we all have a choice as to how to respond. This session will explore strategies to utilize when things don't go our way so that our professional integrity remains intact.

Where: Russell House, 205
Presenters: Tiffany Conde, Assistant Director of Residence Leadership Initiatives and Dr. Hilary Lichterman, Associate Director of Residence Life - University Housing

"If you don't prioritize your life, someone else will" (McKeown, 2014). Ambitious, ready, and caffeinated, today's new professional has the capacity and appetite to contribute at the highest levels in both their organization and personal life. The Essentialist Mindset is a useful framework for exploring one's decision making, values, and aspirations. This mindset shift can help you uncover the most meaningful ways to make the highest contribution to things that matter in your work and life. Join us for a dialogue on how to infuse Essentialism into your professional and personal life.

Where: Russell House, 302
Presenters: Lauren Epps, Assistant Director - USC Connect and Ashley Chapman, Graduate Assistant for Student Services - Undergraduate Research

Supervision is hard! Whether you are responsible for student staff, graduate assistants, or professional staff, developing the skills of supervision is critical to your team's success. In this presentation, we will discuss the different expectations for supervision at all levels and provide strategies and resources to help develop meaningful supervision skills. From setting expectations to delegating and giving feedback, we hope you will walk away feeling more confident to build a culture of success with your team.

Where: Russell House, 303
Presenters: Tad Derrick, Assistant Director of Harm Reduction and Compliance and Camille Darby, Associate Director of Fraternity & Sorority Housing - Student Life

The presenters will combine their experience within housing and fraternity and sorority life to work with new professionals in developing skills for managing crisis. The focus will be placed on the areas of personal, institutional, and coaching & supporting students, and will discuss steps that can be taken before, during and after a crisis.

Where: Russell House Ballroom
Wrap up the day with reflection, networking and lunch. 

Thank you for attending NPS 2020.

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